Turn Your House Into a Relaxing Retreat

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Turn Your House Into a Relaxing RetreatA home spa day offers relaxation, renewal, and de-stressing, and although every day can’t be spa day, making the whole house a relaxing retreat is possible when we become intentional about our décor choices. Giving the master bathroom spa-like features is a great place to begin, but this is just the start of your journey to a home that fosters relaxation, renewal, and de-stressing every day.

The Bathroom
If you’re ready for large scale renovations, consider adding one or more of these enchanting features to your master bath:
   •  Steam shower with a glass enclosure.
   •  Freestanding soaker tub.
   •  Heated flooring – radiant or hydronic.

If you’re not ready to add new fixtures, you can still give your current bathroom design some spa inspired features such as:

   •  A chandelier over the tub.
   •  An overhead shower head with extras such as aromatherapy, speakers, or LED lighting.
   •  A hand-held shower spray.
   •  Extra-plush bathmat and bath towels.
   •  New robes.
   •  A basket full of naturally scented soaps, lotions, scrubs, etc.
   •  Natural sea sponges.
   •   A bamboo bathmat.

The Living Room
Don’t let your living room become just a TV room, a walk-way, or a catch-all space. Today there’s a trend toward making the living room a technology-free zone, and this can be an important aspect of fostering true relaxation.

Unplugging and substituting quality time for screen time can help us truly unwind at days end.

In lieu of a space devoted to binge watching and channel surfing, consider creating one or more of these areas in your living room:
   •  A small table with comfy chairs next to a cabinet stocked with board games and cards.
   •  A reading nook complete with book shelf, bean bag chair, and small lamp.
   •  Cozy groupings of chairs that promote conversation.

Finally, you can simply add a few calming items to your existing design. Possibilities include plush throws, table lamps that give off a gentle glow, or scented candles.

The Dining Room
Likewise, the dining room should be more than a place to eat a quick sandwich, do homework, or pay bills. Strive to design a space where your family want to gather for an enjoyable family dinner whenever possible.

Ensure that your dining room remains clutter free and visually appealing by including ample storage solutions. This could mean:

   •  Purchasing and refinishing an old sideboard.
   •  Refurbishing a thrift store china hutch with cabinet glass, glass shelves, new knobs, and a coat of paint.
   •  Having glass shelving installed for housing extra glassware and serving dishes.

Once your dining table is void of clutter, make sure that it’s complemented by comfortable seating. Consider dining chairs with cushioned seats, but veer toward easy-to-clean upholstery if your family includes children.

Finally, you may wish to consider adding a dimmer switch to your dining room ceiling light. This will allow you to tailor the room’s atmosphere to the desired mood. Are you trying to “wake up” the family at breakfast? Create a romantic atmosphere for an at-home date night? Giving yourself lighting options, allows you to instantly affect the room’s ambience.

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