Transform Your Morning Routine into a Home Spa Experience

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Tweaking your master bathroom and shower area can truly allow you to transform your morning routine into a home spa experience that leaves you energized, refreshed, and ready to start the day. What is utilitarian and necessary can, with thought and effort, become relaxing and uplifting, too.

The best way to start is by looking over your bathroom and finding easy, inexpensive ways to improve its ambiance. These could be –

  •    Painting the walls a calming color.
  •    Replacing a damaged vanity mirror.
  •    Installing a dimmable switch or replacing glaring lighting with a softer glow.
  •    Addressing odor issues by removing mildew, mold, etc.
  •    Doing a deep cleaning and tidying up the contents of cupboards, glass shelves, and the vanity counter.


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Once the bathroom as a whole has been made a pleasant space, turn your attention to the shower area. There are a number of large and small changes that can take your shower from an ordinary fixture to a mini-spa.


If you’re ready to remodel the bathroom anyway, you should consider converting it into a steam shower or at least having it fitted with a lovely glass enclosure or shower door. If space allows, another popular upgrade is a walk-in shower with universal-design features like a curb-less entry and non-slip stone flooring.


If you’re not remodeling, you can still add refreshing features to the shower enclosure –


  •    Shower stereo system.
  •    Aromatherapy kit for the shower head.
  •    All natural body wash, shampoo, and conditioner in your favorite scent.


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Adding a few simple amenities to your bathroom and the area around it can complete your upgrade to a home spa. Treat yourself to luxurious linen or cotton towels, a plush robe, or comfy slippers. You can also fill a basket with scented lotions, facial masks, and hand creams to use when desired. Finally, you might want to copy an idea from hotels and set up a little coffee making station just outside your master bathroom.

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