Transform Corner Shower Area with Glass Enclosure in Purcellville, VA

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Sunday, February 09, 2014)

The corner of most any bathroom can become home to an exceptional glass shower. Residents of the Purcellville, VA area can request an in-home glass shower consultation from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. This free offer is your ticket to the world of glass shower options! Compile your list of corner shower questions and call (703)257-7150 today!

The custom corner showers created by ABC combine serviceability with your personal creative vision for your home. ABC offers you an entirely different experience from picking up a standardized kit and setting it up yourself. We have trained glaziers who can show you the feasible options for your bathroom, assist you in designing a one-of-kind unit, and carry out the installation. Assorted shapes and sizes are do-able for corner shower stalls. What’s right for your Purcellville home depends on a few different factors.

These include –

  •     - Bathroom dimensions

  •    - Proximity of other fixtures

  •    - Home décor

  •    - Needs of those who will be using the unit

Some corner showers, known as neo-angle showers, feature three or more panels of glass that enclose the corner of the room. Where these panels meet one another and the wall, angles of more than 90 degrees are formed. Right angle corner showers can also be designed, and these will take on a square or rectangular shape. They include two sides made of glass that form right angles with each other and with the two walls. Choose the configuration that best fulfills your objectives for practicality and visual impact.

Your new corner shower will showcase clean lines and feature pure glass. It will also be tailored to enhance your Purcellville home’s interior design. Our stunning choices in clear, frosted, patterned and tinted glass facilitate the creation of an aesthetically successful glass shower. Additionally, your corner shower is even more personalized since you must choose the hardware and whether you want framing.  Get the info you need to pick out the right corner shower; call ABC at (703)257-7150!


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