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    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Thursday, September 12, 2013)

 Having a cabinet – or even numerous cabinets – fitted with glass is a great option for many Falls Church, VA homes. A cabinet with glass on the front can play an important part in home decorating, whether it’s a kitchen cupboard, a display case, a living room wall unit, or any other type of cabinet in your house. Moreover, the modern consumer can pick from a variety of glass options. This is important since the ideal glass varies depending on whether the homeowner wants to keep the items inside the cabinet on display, whether the glass will be at risk for being fractured, etc. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is your local resource for wonderful options in cabinet glass.

For further info and to arrange our complimentary visit to your dwelling, dial (703)257-7150 today! Looking more deeply into the world of cabinet glass, we discover some of the great options available to today’s homeowner in Falls Church, VA. For many installations, tempered glass is suitable. This glazing is available in clear, acid-etched, patterned, and colored options; which one is right for your cabinets? This depends on a few different things. Do you want to obscure the view of the interior of the cabinet or keep the items on display? Do you want a subtle, timeless type of glass or something more dramatic and trendy?

Also, keep in mind that a homeowner does not have to limit herself or himself to only style. Mix and match, depending on the location and/or function of the different cabinets you are remodeling. Along with tempered cabinet glass, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. offers Falls Church homeowners safety glass options for cabinet doors that need to offer greater security and durability. Choices in safety glass include –

  • Laminated glass – a layered product (glass, vinyl, glass) on which the glass sticks to the middle vinyl layer even if it is broken.

  • Lexan – polycarbonate sheeting that is virtually unbreakable.

  • Plexiglas – acrylic sheeting that is significantly stronger than tempered glass.

These variations in cabinet glass are suitable for cases that contain valuable or fragile items; they provide glass-like transparency while offering heightened strength and durability. Whether you’ve decided on cabinet glass or are still weighing your options, you can invite an ABC glazier to visit your Falls Church residence for a no-cost quote and consultation. Simply call (703)257-7150, fill out the form under the CONTACT US tab, or email us at ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is a family company that you can count on for service, expertise, and quality products. Let us bring our years and years of glass experience to your home renovation project and help you meet your goals for appearance and functionality!


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