Tips on How to Eliminate Bathroom Odors

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Tuesday, August 18, 2015)

Sliding Shower Doors

Knowing how to eliminate unpleasant bathroom odor is important for highly used restrooms, such as a kids’ bathroom or a main floor power room. Even a gorgeous glass shower enclosure, fantastic color scheme, or trendy glass backsplash can’t remove the bad impression made by a stinky atmosphere. 

When smells are lingering after you have finished your regular cleaning regimen, it’s time to attack the problem on all fronts and try some of these ideas for removing odors and keeping the bathroom smelling fresh.


1.Re-scrub the base of the commode and the floor and walls around it.

This area is a common source of odor problems, so start by thoroughly scrubbing it with suitable cleaning agents.


2. Make use of naturally deodorizing substances when you clean.

These include –

    •    Apple cider vinegar
    •    Baking soda

    •    Lemon juice


3. Clean nooks and crannies that might be home to mold, mildew, etc.

Examples include grout lines, the track for a sliding shower door, undersides of medicine cabinet shelves, window sills and frames, and the space around faucet knobs.


4. Remove the plugs and wash out the sink and tub drains.

“Gunk” can build up here and let off subtle but distinctly unpleasant aromas.


5. Take out all the bathroom linen and wash it.

This can include hand towels, bath towels, shower curtains, and window curtains. You might also consider using a dryer sheet when drying bathroom curtains (if appropriate for the fabric) since this will give them a pleasant scent.


6. Take steps to add nice smells to the bathroom atmosphere.

This can take the form of –

    •    Plug-in air fresheners
    •    Can of aerosol room spray
    •    Bowl of potpourri
    •    Essential oil diffuser
    •    Aromatherapy kit for the shower head

    •    Toilet bowl deodorizer


7. Talk to bathroom users about a plan for keeping the space clean and fresh.

This could involve reviewing hygiene practices with children, keeping a canister of cleaning wipes in the vanity cupboard, or a daily bathroom cleaning checklist.


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