Tips on How to Decorate a Rental

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Monday, April 27, 2015)

In considering how to decorate a rental it’s important to clarify your goals.  You want to create an attractive, functional space at minimal cost to yourself. Achieving these objectives involves making savvy aesthetic choices, reducing the potential for “emergency” phone calls from your renters, and offering a simple, but high-quality home. Employing the right strategies allows you to decorate your rental economically and still end up with a space that has an “edge” over other neighborhood offerings.
What are savvy aesthetic choices when it comes to decorating a rental property? There are a few different issues to consider in answering this.
Neutrality – You want wall and floor colors that will match virtually any color scheme and thus allow your renters to give the space their own personal décor flair.
Appeal – At the same time, think about avoiding the stereotypical white walls. Use a popular neutral such as gray or cream, especially in important spaces like the living room and master bedroom.
Spaciousness – Many rentals are small or include small rooms. Use visual “tricks” to make spaces look bigger. These include pale colors, translucent window treatments, wall mirrors, and cheerful lighting.

The next thing you want to do is reduce the potential for issues down the road that will drain your time and money. A good motto to bear in mind is, “Keep it simple.” Simple but functional appliances, for instance, are often less likely to need repairs than their counterparts with tons of computerized extras. You’ll also want to make things as user-friendly as possible for your renters. This may include installing a glass shower door in your bathroom, or possibly some new, easy to open windows.  Also, don't forget about providing owner’s manuals for appliances, making sure thermostats and electrical panels are easily accessible, and ensuring that doors open and shut properly and easily.

Finally, make sure that you are offering prospective renters a quality home for their money. This overlaps with the previous tip because when you install a quality appliance, for example, this not only upgrades the house but helps prevent problems in the future. It is advisable to stick with respected brands, hire reputable tradespersons to help with remodel, and avoid unattractive or inconvenient short-cuts. If you do not appear to care about the quality and condition of the house, this can inspire carelessness in the renters, too. Additionally, you can watch for clearance or previously owned items that would allow you to upgrade the home by spending just a little more. For instance, use discounted tile to add class to a bathroom or small kitchen and thus give your rental a special touch.
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