Tips for Decorating with Mirrors

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Friday, March 11, 2016)

ABC MirrorsLooking for insights into decorating with mirrors? HGTV offers a gallery of photos along with tips from designers to help you achieve success.

Here are some key elements that can guide your own décor plans.

- Mirrors make a great addition to pretty much any room of the house. Entryways, dining rooms, and bedrooms are favorite locations for mirror glass.

- A mirror can be used to create a decorative window. Try placing a mirror opposite a real window to give the effect of a second window in the room.

- Use a mirror in your entryway and any other room that is small and/or windowless. Besides its aesthetic qualities, an entryway mirror allows you to take a quick final glance at your hair and outfit before leaving for work.

     - When decorating with mirrors, keep in mind that framed mirrors make great décor elements. The frame should coordinate with the general style of the room and can even transform a simple mirror into an artistic piece.


   - Mirrors can be grouped on a wall like pieces of art. Be sure to choose appropriately sized mirrors for the wall in question.


   - Full-length bedroom mirrors can visually expand a small space, help you coordinate your clothing choices, and contribute to establishing the theme of the room.

   - A large wall mirror can work wonders in a small dining area or bedroom. A well-placed wall mirror makes a room look much larger. It will also reflect candles and other light sources for a cozy glow.


dining room mirrors

If you’re decorating with mirrors, it’s vital to be smart about mirror placement. It’s hard to go wrong when using a lovely and versatile material such as mirror glass, but you want to make savvy choices about where to hang your mirrors.


Bottom line: avoid placing a mirror where it will reflect something you don’t want to emphasize.


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