Three Reasons to Consider a Bypass Shower Door System for Your Lake Ridge Home

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Tuesday, August 26, 2014)

Bypass shower door system can be the answer for Lake Ridge remodelers who want to enhance the aesthetic quality of the shower area while conserving space and working on a budget. Such a shower door is available from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc., and we’ll even install it and include a warranty! Begin the process by sitting down with one of our glaziers to go over your glass shower goals and options. You won’t be billed for this first visit, and one of our team members will inspect the shower that is to be renovated and provide an in-home consultation. Schedule your meeting today by dialing (703)257-7150! First, let’s look at how a bypass shower door installation can help a Lake Ridge homeowner dress up the bath area. One nice feature of bypass doors is that they can be installed on a bathtub or on a curb that extends up from the floor. Thus, they can be used on newly built shower enclosures or added to many existing tub or shower set-ups. The inclusion of bypass shower doors allows glass to replace cloth or vinyl as the focal point of the bathroom. Glass brings with it qualities of freshness, vivacity, and clean lines, thereby improving the general atmosphere of this part of your home! Next we’ll consider how bypass shower door units provide space saving traits that Lake Ridge families love.

  • When bypass doors are installed, they do not extend out onto the bathroom floor or into the shower enclosure itself. They simple form a thin barrier rising up from the tub or floor.
  • Bypass doors work by sliding open. Each door panel slides in its own metal track and can glide past the neighboring door. So, even when a door is open, it does not take up floor space or block access to another bathroom appliance.
These qualities make bypass doors a favorite among those remodeling bathrooms that are too small to comfortably accommodate swinging shower doors. Finally, let’s examine how a bypass shower door system can be a financially sound choice for a Lake Ridge home improver. Most of our bypass doors are semi-frameless in nature, which means that there is a frame around the unit as a whole, but that the door panels consist of frameless pieces of glass. We can also do a framed bypass installation on which the doors are framed as well. The use of metal framing brings down the price because it allows us to build the enclosure from thinner glass than that which is needed for the stable construction of a frameless stall. Call for more bypass shower door info – (703)257-1750!!!

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