The Organized Bathroom and How to Achieve It

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Organized BathroomAn organized bathroom will look tidy and appealing, but it will also be functional and able to promote both efficiency and relaxation. An unorganized bathroom will lose visual appeal due to clutter and will impede both efficiency and relaxation. On the other hand, an overly organized restroom may look very nice, but it will decrease efficiency and may increase stress levels.

An Unorganized Bathroom
The problems with an unorganized space are fairly obvious and straightforward: difficulty finding things, hazardous items on the floor, spills, and belongings getting lost or damaged. However, in our zeal to deal with an unorganized bathroom, we may create a new problem.

The Pitfall of Over-Organization
For instance, getting clutter off the vanity counter and into bins inside the vanity is a good idea in theory. And it can be a good thing in practice as long as you avoid certain pitfalls. For example, cramming items into bins and then completely filling the cabinet with these bins will make it nearly impossible to find your razor, makeup, brush, or whatever you need at the moment. In fact, you’ll most likely end up dumping one or more bins on the floor and fuming as you lose precious time trying to find something that used to be more handily situated amidst the clutter on the counter.

A Successful Approach to Organization
A good approach to restroom organization involves attention to aesthetics blended with realism about practical concerns. For instance, gathering frequently used items into a basket on the vanity counter is more realistic than hiding them in the back of a cupboard.

Here are some more ideas for user-friendly bathroom organization:

   •  Install open glass shelving that allows you to keep everything in sight and handy but off the floor and counter.

   •  If you’re a family that tends to be messy, don’t expect to suddenly start keeping the bathroom looking like an ad from a home organization magazine. For instance, solve floor clutter with two large baskets – one for dirty laundry and one for clean towels and washcloths. Don’t even worry about whether the washcloths and towels are folded; if they’re in the basket, they’re organized!

   •  Create cubbies in a kids or family bathroom. Encourage family members to stash health and beauty products in their cubbies rather than spreading them around surfaces such as the shower floor and vanity counter.

   •  Don’t forget hooks. Simply hanging some hooks on a bathroom wall gives family members a place to neatly store a robes and towels.

   •  Hang a canvas shoe organizer on the inside of your kids’ bathroom door. Divide the shoe pouches among your children, and they have ideal places to neatly store everything from hair dryers to deodorant.

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