The Appeal of ShowerGuard for South Riding Homemakers

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Tuesday, August 12, 2014)

 ShowerGuard glass contributes to an enclosure’s beauty and longevity while lightening the cleaning burden for South Riding homemakers. When ordering a glass shower, customers today can upgrade to glass that will stand up to the elements in tap water that damage and discolor normal glass. In the case of ShowerGuard, the glass is subject to ion-beam treatment that leaves a lasting seal on the surface. This keeps harmful substances from bonding with the glass and corroding it. When glass is subject to corrosion, not only is the appearance marred, but it becomes more susceptible to bacteria growth which can lead to unsanitary bathroom conditions. The nice thing about ShowerGuard is that the glass in your South Riding home’s bathroom remains protected and you do not have to worry about the coating breaking down or having to regularly apply spray-on sealants. ShowerGuard glass helps –

  • Keep the shower enclosure clear and bright

  • Increase the amount of time between bathroom remodels

  • Decrease the need for shower glass maintenance and cleaning

While ShowerGuard glass costs more than untreated glass, it can be money well spent for the homeowner who wants to take care of glass protection once and for all with a reliable sealant. ShowerGuard gives South Riding homemakers solid benefits in terms of glass care. For one thing, most shower enclosures built from ShowerGuard do not need to be dried after each use. (There is an exception if the water is very high in silica.) This cuts a few minutes off your busy morning routine. Also, ShowerGuard glass requires less frequent cleaning and is easier to wash when that time comes. If the benefits of ShowerGuard glass make it sound like the right fit for your new shower enclosure, contact ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. to learn more. Email us at or dial (703)257-7150!


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