Summer Home Improvement Projects

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Outdoor Patios

Make time this summer to resolve issues that detract from the comfort and appeal of your home. From making your outdoor living space more accessible to planning for the chilly months ahead, these projects can help ensure that your house is functional, energy-efficient, and a great place to live!

And don’t forget that any home improvement project involving glass or mirror can be made easier by partnering with ABC. We offer a full line of residential glass and mirror products as well as installation services and a free, no-obligation consultation to get things started. Call us today at 703-257-7150!


Patio Glass Doors 

Patio Door Repair or Replacement

Safe, operational patio doors are crucial to enjoying summer cookouts and relaxing evenings on your deck. If your patio door has damaged glass, know that glaziers can usually replace just the glass while leaving the rest of the door apparatus in place.


Alternatively, if the door itself is worn out or faulty, ABC can set you up with an energy-efficient patio door complete with high-performance glass and a smoothly gliding door panel.


Patio Decks 

Deck Expansion or Renovation

Spending time outside in the summer can also bring to light problems with your current deck.


    •  Is it large enough for your family? For the number of people you entertain?
    •  Are the railings safe and sturdy?
    •  Are the floorboards solid, free of rot, level, and securely held in place?


As you work to make your deck safe and functional, remember to explore alternative options such as adding Plexiglas or Lexan sheeting to the railing.

Window Upgrades

Are you dealing with high electric bills? Is your AC running constantly on hot days? Do drafts of cold air bother you all winter? New vinyl windows from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. offer spectacular modern options in energy efficiency such as argon or krypton glass, triple pane design, and more.


Indoor Home Spa 

Home Spa Transformation

If you’re feeling blue at the end of your summer vacation, consider creating a relaxing retreat right in your own house. Possibilities include –


    •  Steam shower conversion.
    •  All glass shower enclosure.
    •  Sunken tub.
    •  Hot tub.
    •  Aromatherapy shower kit.
    •  Bathroom sound system.


Remember that ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is your one stop shop for the glass and mirror needed to successfully complete summer home improvement projects!


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