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Among the huge assortment of glass and mirror creations offered by ABC, cabinet glass is a product that some Fairfax, VA homeowners may have not yet considered. However, cabinet glass has a lot to offer the homeowner who is remodeling, redecorating, adding on, or having a home built. For the renovator, cabinet glass makes it possible to change the look of a room or fixture without a total replacement of the existing cabinetry. Call our shop in Manassas Park – (703)257-7150 – and make your appointment for a cabinet glass consultation at your home. This first conference with an ABC glazier is offered at no cost to you and enables you to experience the positive difference cabinet glass can make in your home! Cabinet Glass Defined Before going any further, it is important to clearly define cabinet glass. Fairfax, VA homeowners who see the term might think at once of kitchen cabinets with glass fronts, and this is one popular use for it. However, cabinet glass can also be used in other rooms and on pieces of furniture. Many wooden cabinet doors, regardless of where they are installed, can be transformed with cabinet glass. A professional glazier installs a sheet of glass that takes the place of the wood front on the cabinet. It is also possible to have glass cabinet fronts right from the start. Tempered Cabinet Glass For cabinet applications, tempered glass is our go-to choice. During its manufacturing, this glazing is first subjected to very hot temperatures and then cooled. This conditioning affects the sturdiness of the glass and changes how it responds to a fracture. The strength of tempered glass products exceeds that of their annealed glass counterparts, and tempered panes yield less dangerous pieces if they shatter. Tempered glass offers superb clarity and can be manufactured in a variety of styles, such as patterned and etched. Laminated Cabinet Glass Sometimes cabinet glass customers in Fairfax have particular concerns about safety and glass resilience. Reasons for this include –

  • Where the cabinets are located.

  • Small children in the household.

  • Value/fragility of the items behind the cabinet glass.

If tempered glass does not meet a client’s needs, we can do laminated cabinet glass instead. This type of glazing also offers great transparency. (It is the kind of glass used for automobile windshields.) What makes it special is that it remains in its place if shattered. This is possible because what looks like one sheet of glass is really three layers – glass, vinyl, and glass. Both layers of glass are firmly stuck to the vinyl, so that no glass will fall to the floor even if it gets broken. Acrylic Cabinet Glass Substitute Some cabinet glass applications call for a glass substitute rather that actual glass. This might be the case if the cabinet is low to the ground and situated near a children’s playroom, for instance. Glass substitutes can also be indicated when the cabinet houses valuables or items that are potentially dangerous. Acrylic sheeting (brand name Plexiglas) is often used in place of glass. It has good clarity, is stronger than tempered glass, and is scratch-resistant. Polycarbonate Cabinet Glass Substitute Another cabinet glass alternative available to Fairfax, VA homeowners is polycarbonate sheeting (brand name Lexan). This is the product for you if you want extreme strength joined to a glass-like look. Virtually impossible to break, polycarbonate is the way to go when your top priority is protecting your items while keeping them on display. While it is stronger than acrylic sheeting, keep in mind that polycarbonate is more easily scratched and is pricier. When choosing a glass substitute, you should prioritize your goals for the project and pick the product that best addresses your specific needs. Clear Cabinet Glass Let’s discuss some of the specific styles offered for tempered cabinet glass, starting with clear. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. carries both traditional clear glass and low-iron glass, which has superior clarity. Features of both types of clear cabinet glazing include –

  • Allowing decorators to display attractive items within the cupboard, display case, hutch, or other cabinet.

  • Giving the room a more open atmosphere.

  • Matching any color scheme you choose for the room.

Transparent cabinet glass is the “clear” choice if you want to show off your heirloom china, collection of shot glasses, or set of first editions! Acid-Etched Cabinet Glass Acid-etched cabinet glass is another favorite among home designers in Fairfax, VA. Like clear glass products, this frosted glass matches all colors and visually harmonizes with lots of room themes and styles. Here are a few of the reasons a homeowner might choose acid-etched (frosted) glass rather than clear –

  • The desire to hide cluttered cupboard interiors from sight.

  • The goal of making the cabinets match the nostalgic style of the rest of the room.

  • A personal preference for the look of frosty glass.

Patterned Cabinet Glass Patterned cabinet glass is another option for home improvers who do not necessarily wish to show off the insides of their kitchen cupboards, TV cabinet, etc. This glass has a textured surface, which gives the glass a distinct appearance and blurs the view of objects behind it. Patterned glass blends well with a variety of modern and retro home styles. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. offers assorted patterns for this type of glass, so you can find the design that best complements the room’s other fixtures and accessories. Colored Cabinet Glass Finally, we have colored cabinet glass. Fairfax, VA decorators lean toward this when they have a very specific look in mind for their cabinets. Our bronze and grey tinted glass options appeal to those who wish to decorate with neutral shades while creating a striking and distinctive cabinet front. In discussing the various glass styles, it is important to note that our customers do not have to limit themselves to only one option. For instance, clear glass can be used on those cabinets that contain your dinnerware, while patterned glass is used for the cupboards full of canned goods, and acid-etched glass is installed in your antique china hutch! Cabinet Glass in the Kitchen Why is cabinet glass so often used in kitchens? One reason is that switching out your cabinet fronts allows you to significantly change the aesthetics and overall mood of the kitchen without undertaking a full-scale renovation. Dated cabinets from the 80’s can get a fresh modern look. Alternatively, plain wooden cupboards can be given a distinctly old-world flair with the installation of the right frosted or patterned glass. Furthermore, clear glass on select kitchen cupboards allows homemakers to include their dishware and attractive spice collections in their décor while neatly housing these items in the appropriate spaces. It’s not hard to see why many decide to update their kitchens with cabinet glass from ABC! Cabinet Glass in the Dining Room Cabinet glass is also used by Fairfax residents who want to spruce up the dining room. Often, a dining room’s furnishings include a china hutch or other cabinet that holds dishes, silverware, towels, tablecloths, napkins, etc. Perhaps the fronts of the cabinet doors on your piece are scratched, broken, or otherwise marred by time and use. When these old fronts are taken out and pristine glass fronts are installed, your cabinet or hutch will be transformed. Furthermore, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. offers a variety of choices to meet your needs whether your priority is showcasing your china, hiding your stacks of napkins, or keeping your items safe! Cabinet Glass in the Living Room Another space that can benefit from cabinet glass is the living room. Examples of this include –

  • Bookshelves that have cupboards on the bottom.

  • Display cases that hold collections, heirlooms, antiques, artwork, valuable books, and so forth.

When choosing cabinet glass for a living room application, a home improver should think about the general theme of the furnishings, the color scheme, and whether the items behind the glass should be hidden or shown off. Cabinet Glass in the Home Office Cabinet glass might be on your shopping list if you have a home office in your Fairfax residence. Of course you want this room to have a professional yet welcoming aura. With its sheen and clean lines, cabinet glass can enliven the mood of the room while providing a neat, clean appearance. Places to use cabinet glass in your home office might include bookshelves, cabinets full of paperwork, or a display case that exhibits samples of your work. Cabinet Glass in the Den Even the den can get a visual boost when cabinet glass is included in your décor. Here are some examples –

  • Use cabinet glass or a glass alternative in the case where you display trophies and awards earned by you and your family members.

  • Dress up an entertainment center with doors that include attractive glass panels.

  • Give old wall units a makeover by transforming the doors with beautiful glazing.

If you’ve decided cabinet glass is right for your home or if you just want to learn more about this option in home decorating, call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. at (703)257-7150!


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