ShowerGuard Glass Provides Solutions for Dale City Homemakers!

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Wednesday, July 02, 2014)

ShowerGuard means great news for busy homemakers in Dale City, VA. When it is time to order a new shower door, opt for one that is made from ShowerGuard glass. This upgrade will mean easier care and maintenance and a longer lasting glass shower! So if you are tired of drying and squeegeeing the shower or sick of scrubbing the glass, explore facts about ShowerGuard glass. A great first step is calling ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. at (703)257-7150. You can ask to speak to a glazier about ShowerGuard and even schedule an informational meeting at your house. We hope to speak to you soon about this innovative glass option! Here are some key facts that will help you understand ShowerGuard glass and how it can be useful in your Dale City home.

  • The surface of glass is filled with pores too small to be seen.

  • Soap scum and damaging minerals from tap water can gather in these pores.

  • Substances like limescale can actually corrode shower glass.

  • The surface of ShowerGuard glass is sealed with ion-beam technology.

  • This process gets rid of the problematic pores.

  • The seal is part of the glass, so “re-application” is not an issue.

  • Unless the tap water contains a lot of silica, ShowerGuard glass does not require drying after use.

Thus, ShowerGuard glass offers Dale City homeowners a great look that will last. With less time and effort on your part, your shower glass will keep its attractive appearance. Cleaning the glass will be easier and your efforts will be more productive. If you are designing a dream-bathroom, consider opting for this special glass that will give your glass enclosure increased longevity and make it more user-friendly. With years of experience in the shower door world, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can help you with the facts you need regarding shower door options and prices. Dial (703)257-7150 and ask about ShowerGuard glass!!


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