Shower Enclosure Possibilities for Your Middleburg Bed-and-Breakfast

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Tuesday, February 26, 2013)

Having a shower enclosure installed in each guest bathroom can be part of your effort to offer VIP treatment to the patrons of your Middleburg, VA bed-and-breakfast. Let each guest begin the morning in a space that exudes peace and relaxation – call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. today to get details about the glass shower products that can transform bathrooms! We do not charge our prospective customers for our initial visit to your premises, and this includes both a quote for your project and a consultation with a glass shower professional. Reach us at (703)257-7150 and find out how simple it can be to bring spa-like luxury to your inn.

The steam shower enclosure is appreciated by lots of people, so it’s wise to consider adding this to your Middleburg establishment. This kind of shower offers an especially warm, humid atmosphere in the stall by effectively trapping the steam which is the byproduct of the heated shower water. All this is achieved by installing glass from floor to ceiling to make a sealed unit. Each steam shower is also typically equipped with an adjustable vent so that the user can allow some steam to escape as desired. Most shower areas can be changed into steam showers, so whether the bathrooms in your inn are large or small, ask our glazier about this appealing option.

Regardless of whether you prefer a steam unit or a standard shower enclosure, know that your bed-and-breakfast in Middleburg can be graced with glass showers that meld with the general atmosphere and décor of the inn. Various types of glass as well as different styles of handles are available to enable each of our clients to put together the right enclosure. Moreover, we can custom design a different glass shower for each bath area in the house. That way, if you have guest rooms with different themes or design modes, we can help you put together the right enclosure for each one.

Let’s discuss a few of the shower enclosure options in greater detail, so you can start thinking about what will work for your Middleburg guest house. Some of our most highly-sought glass choices are clear (or Ultra-clear) and Satenglass. Clear glass needs no explanation, but it’s helpful to know why so many decorators love it.

  •    - It matches pretty much any bath décor.

  •    - It generates the illusion of space.

  •    - It shows off the shower tile.

Another classic choice can be found in frosty Satenglass. Like clear glazing, it coordinates with various styles. While it does not bring the same feeling of openness or keep the tile in view, this is offset by the fact that is makes the shower stall more private and secluded. If bringing the perfect glass shower enclosure to each guest bath in your Middleburg, VA inn is appealing to you, call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. at (703)257-7150! Working with trusted, family-owned and operated glass shop, you can add something special to every bathroom in the house!    


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