Shower Can Be Upgraded with One of Three Choices in Glass Doors in Reston, VA

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A shower can typically be fitted with one of three types of glass doors. Residents of Reston, VA can have the door of their choice professionally installed by ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. – (703)257-7150. An appointment for a free in-home consultation with a shower door specialist is just a phone a call away! Also, visit our website at

To begin with, a shower can be equipped with swinging glass doors if this is what a Reston homeowner prefers. Swinging door panels are mounted on side hinges and open by pivoting on them. Large enclosures are often adorned with a set of double doors, while smaller stalls frequently include a single glass door. Whether you opt for one door or two, you can pick from an appealing selection of glass, handles, and other components. Swinging glass doors can impart a high-end quality and bring class and stylishness to your shower area.

Of course swinging doors are only suitable for bathrooms and showers with sufficient clearance – meaning that there should be open space where the door panel can move without obstruction.
Next, another shower option is found in frameless sliding glass doors, a choice that offers Reston households the convenience of gliding door movement melded with the visual appeal of frameless glass. Frameless sliders are characterized by –

  •    - Glass with no frame

  •    - One door

  •    - One or two glass walls

  •    - Metal bar from which the door hangs

  •    - Exposed rollers operating on the metal bar

ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. brings customers a couple choices in frameless sliding doors, with one example being the Skyline Frameless Slider by Cardinal. Enjoy the luxury and elegance that this high end door will add to your bathroom!
Last, a shower area can be upgraded through the installation of glass bypass doors, a product seen in homes throughout Reston. Like frameless sliding shower doors, bypass doors are a space saving choice in need of no extra clearance to open conveniently. A bypass unit includes two large pieces of glass, both of which are operational doors. These glass doors run along parallel tracks, which enable them to “bypass” one another as they move.

The doors on a bypass unit are completely or partly framed, since framing is needed on at least those glass edges that fit into the tracks. Make your choice from the beautiful swinging, sliding, and bypass shower door designs supplied by ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc., your local shower door connection!
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