Shower Can Be Fitted with Glass Doors in South Riding, VA

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Thursday, October 31, 2013)

Shower improvement options abound since a variety of glass doors are available to South Riding homeowners. If you want help picking out an item, the elegance of a custom designed glass door, and installation by a qualified team, call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. of Manassas Park – (703)257-7150. Building on more than forty years of owner experience in glass, this family company offers an impressive selection of glass shower doors and enclosures along with solid customer service and a warranty. Learn more by visiting our display area at 8395 B Euclid Ave. or scheduling a free shower door consultation and estimate at your place of residence. One way to improve a shower area is by adding swinging glass doors. Residents of South Riding will find that swinging doors are available from ABC in a range of styles.

For instance, a small shower stall can be fitted with a single door that is frameless, semi-frameless, or framed. Alternatively, a large shower area can be upgraded through the installation of a glass enclosure that includes a set of double glass doors. Two swinging doors on your shower enclosure can generate a sense of elegance and luxury in the bath area. If you have the necessary clearance around the shower entrance, give swinging shower doors a closer look. A shower can also be fitted with glass bypass doors. South Riding homeowners will be especially appreciative of this style if there is not a lot of empty floor space around the shower. Bypass doors simply slide past each other to open, making them the optimal choice for many homes. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is your resource for both framed and semi-frameless bypass doors.

  • Framed – complete aluminum frame, no bare glass edges

  • Semi-frameless – combination of framed and bare glass edges

Both types of bypass door bring the shine of glass to the bathroom while maintaining a classic and versatile appearance. A third shower improvement option is found in frameless glass sliding shower doors. South Riding residents will discover that these doors bring together characteristics of frameless glass showers and bypass doors. Unlike bypass doors that function by moving in metal tracks, frameless sliders travel along a metallic bar at the top of the shower. This means that no framing is needed on the glass door. In addition to the glass door panel, this type of unit includes a frameless glass wall right beside door. As the door is opened, it glides in front of this second piece of glass. No matter which type of door you want, call ABC at (703)257-7150!


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