Sale on Shower Doors: Herndon Residents Should Call Today!

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Wednesday, May 22, 2013)

The limited time 10% discount on shower doors from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is good news for Herndon, VA residents who are having a new bathroom put in or are renovating an existing one. That’s right; we are currently offering 10% off our delightful frameless, semi-frameless, and framed glass shower doors, making it easier to get the item you want at an affordable price. For details, call, email, or visit ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc., your local shower door specialists, and arrange for a free estimate and consultation!

That’s, (703)257-7150, or 8395 B Euclid Avenue, Manassas Park, VA. As you take advantage of this sale on shower doors, take the time to create the most suitable units for your Herndon home. Our custom doors are defined by the client’s choices in heavy glass, hardware and stall design. First, here’s a general overview of glass possibilities for a door or shower enclosure from ABC.

  •    - Variations in thickness

  •    - Frosted, clear, colored, patterned

  •    - Acid etching on one or both sides (minimum thickness needed)

  •    - Mirror glass

  •    - Amount of glass used on the enclosure

So much of the shower’s total appearance is impacted by the glass that you want to make sure this is a well thought out choice. Now we’ll delve more deeply into the hardware used on shower doors and enclosures for our Herndon clients. Variations include –

  •    - Handle style

  •    - Type of hinge

  •    - Finish on handles and hinges

  •    - Finish on aluminum framing (if applicable)

  •    - Width of aluminum framing (if applicable)

While not as crucial as the choice of glass, picking out the best hardware is still important. The appropriate pieces of hardware represent the finishing touches on the shower unit, and they tie it in with other fixtures in the room. Your glazier can help you find the perfect selections! In addition to the shower doors themselves, the design of the stall will also impact your Herndon residence. The custom glass enclosures supplied and installed by ABC represent exciting choices for today’s homeowner. Select from –

  •    - Steam shower

  •    - Neo-angle enclosure

  •    - Right-angle enclosure

  •    - Custom stall shape

  •    - In-line door and panel

Your selections here will be informed by available space within the bathroom, design scheme, practical requirements, and project budget. The appearance of the stall is further affected by the level of framing used in constructing the unit. With ABC, a homeowner can choose frameless, semi-frameless, or framed. 10% off shower doors for a limited time! This means it’s time for Herndon, VA homeowners to contact ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. for information and a free consultation appointment. You’ll love our array of choices, expertise in the world of shower doors, and courtesy in addressing your questions and concerns. (703)257-7150    


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