Replacement Windows and Glass Resolve Problems for Middleburg Residents!

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Thursday, February 06, 2014)

Replacement windows from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. are the way to go when it is time to make a change in your Middleburg, VA place of residence. Homeowners might need replacement windows for reasons such as –

  •    - Dated style of existing windows.

  •    - Windows that have been painted shut.

  •    - Hard to open and close current windows.

  •    - Rotten wooden frames around old windows.

If you are having window problems, call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. at (703)257-7150. If the problem is confined to the glass, we can probably just replace this component. If your old windows need to go, we can set you up with energy efficient windows that will upgrade your home!
Replacement windows from ABC bring energy-efficiency to Middleburg homes. We offer Energy Star products as well as R-5 windows, which are even more energy efficient.

Ask our glazier about how you can cut back on energy loss through options like Low-E coatings, argon gas, krypton gas, and triple pane glass. We can equip your home with windows that will help keep cool air inside during the warm months and warm air inside during the cool months!
ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can take care of the replacement of many types of windows. Middleburg homeowners should know that available styles include –

  •    - Awning – Window glass hangs from hinges at the top and opens outward by means of a crank handle.

  •    - Bay – Made of three pieces of glass, the bay window extrudes past the home’s exterior and features a central panel flanked by two smaller panels.

  •    - Bow – The bow window also extends beyond the exterior wall and is comprised of 3, 4, or 5 glass panels of equal size.

  •    - Casement – Window glass hangs from hinges on the side and is opened by a crank.

  •    - Double hung – This window style includes two sashes, one that opens by moving up and one that opens by moving down.

  •    - Garden – Reminiscent of a little glass house, this window protrudes from the house and includes a glass “ceiling”, a fixed piece of glass in the front, and casement panels on either side.

  •    - Picture – The picture window does not open and is made up of only fixed glass and the frame.

Resolve your window issues with replacement windows or glass. Not only will ABC supply the glass and/or windows, but we’ll install them in your Middleburg home! Figure out what you need to make your window situation brighter by scheduling a complimentary consultation at your house – (703)257-7150!  You can also check out our website at


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