Replacement Windows and Glass Make Residential Structures in Fairfax, VA More Energy-Friendly

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The replacement of entire windows or individual pieces of window glass can be a necessary part of keeping your Fairfax, VA home safe, comfortable, and energy efficient. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is your local partner in keeping your home’s windows up-to-date and in good working order! We team up with VinylMax and other quality manufacturers to bring you the options you need for positive outcomes to your glass and window replacement projects. Sometimes homeowners need information on the latest options for energy-efficiency, and in other instances there is uncertainty about whether to replace the whole window or just a piece of glass. Whatever your situation might be, you can get in-person answers to all your questions by scheduling a free at-home consultation. Call for your appointment – ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. – (703)257-7150!

Signs You Need Replacement Windows What are some indicators that it’s time to order replacement windows for your house? Signs that you might be ready for an upgrade include –

  • Noticeable drafts of cold air around your windows in fall and winter.

  • Windows that have been painted shut.

  • Windows with broken or rotten wooden framing.

  • Excessive home-heating and cooling bills.

  • Windows that are hard to operate.

You may find it helpful to take a quick tour of your home, checking for these or other issues with your current windows. Importance of Energy-Efficient Windows The desire for an energy-friendly residence is what makes replacement windows appealing to many Fairfax, VA families. Windows that are not energy-efficient can be a burden in various ways. For one thing, you have to run your furnace and air conditioner more in order to keep your home at a comfortable temperature during the hot and cold parts of the year. However, poor-quality windows sometimes limit the effectiveness of your heating and cooling system. A drafty window that creates a perpetual cold spot in a room during the chilly months would be an example of this. As you can see, choosing energy-efficient window products can save you money in the long run and help you achieve a cozy atmosphere in winter and a refreshing atmosphere in summer! Low-E Window Coatings One way that modern replacement windows boost a home’s energy-efficiency is through the proper application of Low-E coatings. Low-E glass is coated with a virtually imperceptible layer of metal oxide. This film lowers the U-factor (rate of heat loss) of the glazing. Three types of Low-E coatings are available, to allow for your choice of –

  • High solar gain.

  • Moderate solar gain.

  • Low solar gain.

The ideal type and placement of your Low-E film depends largely on the climate in which you live. One of our window glass specialists can help you find the product that will best meet your needs. Insulating Gas in Replacement Windows The use of insulating gas also allows today’s replacement window manufacturers to exceed the standards of older products. Fairfax homeowners should understand their options in insulating gases before ordering new windows. First, it is important to know that most contemporary windows use double pane glass, which has two panes with a void between them. The simple use of double panes with a central air-space heightens a window’s insulating properties. However, to achieve even better results, this empty space can be filled with a heavy gas. Rest assured that the two types of gas used – argon and krypton – are safe for this application. Intro to EnergyStar and R-5 Standards for Replacement Windows Ordering replacement windows does not have to be a shot in the dark. Nowadays, specific designations and standards inform prospective buyers about the level of energy-efficiency offered by a product. Examples include –

  • EnergyStar – government regulated energy standards allow some windows to receive EnergyStar labeling

  • R-5 Standard – windows that meet even stricter standards for energy efficiency.

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with both sets of window standards as these specifications can help you ascertain the quality of the various windows you peruse. Both EnergyStar and R-5 windows are smart choices for families desiring a more energy-friendly residence. EnergyStar Window Requirements Replacement windows with the EnergyStar marking offer solid benefits to remodelers in the Fairfax area. To be worthy of the EnergyStar seal, a window must meet strict criteria set forth by the Federal government. These criteria relate to how well the window insulates and how much energy loss it allows. To be an EnergyStar product, a window must join attractive energy-saving features with the other window functions that consumers desire. Furthermore, the energy-saving traits must be effective enough that the customer can recoup the higher cost of the product in a reasonable amount of time. These are some of the attractive features that draw many to purchase EnergyStar replacement windows. R-5 Standards for New Windows For replacement windows to meet the higher R-5 standards, still more stringent requirements must be met. Here are some of the ways that R-5 windows surpass EnergyStar products.

  • R-value is an indicator of a product’s insulating abilities. A typical EnergyStar window has an R-3 rating, while a rating of R-5 is needed in order to meet the R-5 standards.

  • U-factor tells a customer how much heat can escape from a window.  The R-5 standards demand a U-factor of about 0.2 instead of the 0.3 of most EnergyStar windows.

Another thing that makes R-5 windows special is the fact that each piece of glass is comprised of three panes. Often, one or both spaces between the panes are injected with argon gas, and Low-E films are frequently applied as well. For exceptional energy-saving properties, you will want to check out our replacement windows which meet the R-5 standards. Basic IntelliGlass Replacement Windows Replacement windows that include IntelliGlass are among the exciting products we now offer Fairfax homeowners. The first level of IntelliGlass is Basic IntelliGlass. This type of glazing is made of two panes with a sealed argon-filled space between them. Additionally, one of the panes has a double layer Low-E film for even better window performance. These windows blend a variety of features – multiple panes, reflective coatings, insulating gas – to reduce energy loss. For a nice energy-efficient window at a more affordable price, you may wish to invest in windows manufactured using Basic IntelliGlass IntelliGlass Plus Replacement Windows If you are willing to invest a little more into your high-performance replacement windows, consider going up a step to IntelligGlass Plus. This system builds upon the features of Basic IntelliGlass to create an even more energy friendly fenestration option.

  • Three panes instead of two.

  • An additional two-layer Low-E glass treatment.

  • Two argon-filled spaces rather than one.

By adding more glass layers, Low-E coatings, and argon, we boost the performance of the windows. Like all IntelliGlass products, IntelliGlass Plus windows allow natural light to come streaming into your room, but they cut down on glare and UV ray penetration. IntelliGlass Supreme Replacement Windows Every IntelliGlass replacement window helps keep your Fairfax home comfy by repelling solar rays and driving furnace heat back into the interior of the house. Windows made from IntelliGlass Supreme do this very effectively. IntelliGlass Supreme is like IntelliGlass Plus in most of its characteristics. However, instead of injecting argon gas into the voids between the three panes, the manufacturers inject krypton gas, which is significantly heavier. The inclusion of this more substantial insulating gas means less energy loss and better insulation. So, IntelliGlass Supreme gives you three panes, two Krypton-filled regions, and two double-layer Low-E films. For the homeowner committed to energy-savings, IntelliGlass Supreme is an attractive product! Window Styles Lots of different replacement windows are offered. Here are some of the styles with brief descriptions of their features –

  • Double hung windows  have two moving sashes

  • Single hung windows have two sashes, but only the bottom one is operable.

  • Bay windows have three panels of glass, and they extend past the home’s exterior walls. The piece of glass in the middle is wider than the other two.

  • Bow windows resemble bay windows but have 3-5 panels, all of equal width.

Many other styles are available, and you can view the complete list at - Patio Doors Along with replacement windows, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. supplies and installs replacement patio doors for Fairfax homeowners. If your patio door is a source of drafts, or if it is damaged or ugly, consider upgrading to a new model. Many of the energy saving features available for windows are also available for replacement patio doors. For instance, we can offer you multiple panes, Low-E coatings, and argon gas for your new patio door! Replacement Glass – Energy Options Sometimes a homeowner has a window problem but does not need replacement windows. If the only problem with your existing window is damaged glass, we can usually take out the bad piece and replace it. ABC does offer single pane replacement glass if this is what you need to match your other window glass. However, you can also choose double pane window glass – known as insulated units. These units can be quite energy efficient, especially since we can include Low-E treatments and argon-filled spaces. Replacement Glass – Aesthetic Options If you opt for replacement of the window glass alone, we can help you find glass that will match the rest of your Fairfax home. For instance, replacement window glass is offered in clear as well as frosted and colored choices. If you notice that some of your window glass has become detrimental to the aesthetic quality of your living space due to fogginess, chips, cracks, etc., invite an ABC window technician to take a look at the flawed glass, show you replacement glass options, and give you a quote for the glass and installation. Call us today at (703)257-7150!  


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