Renovating a Small Bathroom – Ideas for Success

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Thursday, July 09, 2015)

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Make the most of a small bathroom by maximizing the usability of the space and seeking workable ideas for making the room feel larger.

Raise the Roof

If you can make the room look “taller” the space will feel roomier and less confining. Ways to do this include –

    1. Opting for a floor to ceiling glass shower enclosure.
    2. Ordering a custom mirror that reaches from the top of the sink or vanity to the ceiling.
    3. Painting vertical stripes on one wall.
    4. If the bathroom has a window, placing the curtain rod well above the top of the window, a few inches below the ceiling.


Use Bright Lighting


A small bathroom is at risk of feeling closed-in and claustrophobic already, so you especially want to avoid dim or insufficient lighting.


Choose a light fixture with plenty of bulbs, one that can fill the room with pleasant radiance without causing glare.  Another approach would be to have more than one fixture – a ceiling light and two wall sconces flanking the vanity mirror, for instance. Finally, if applicable, choose a window treatment that allows for privacy while letting plenty of sunlight stream in. 

Arrange Fixtures & Appliances Wisely


One of the trickiest – and most important – aspects of renovating a small bathroom is deciding how to set it up. Where should the toilet go? How big should the shower stall be? Do I want a pedestal sink or a sink on a vanity? Here are some points to consider and pitfalls to avoid – 

     •  Maintain a sense of proportion – a small bathroom is not typically well served by a wide vanity, a vast shower stall, or the like. “Overdoing” one fixture will force you to cut corners elsewhere in the room.
     •  Strive for convenience and a smooth flow through the space. This applies to both the general set-up of the room and the placement of smaller items such as paper holders and towel bars.
     •  Make sure you do not create an awkward situation with the shower door, one in which the door hits or the blocks access to another fixture when opened.


Create a Color Scheme That Fosters a Calm Ambiance.


Another peril for small restrooms is that the tone of the room will be busy and anxious. Color is a great tool for combating this. For example, you might do some quick research to find pale, relaxing colors and pick one of these for your walls. Bright colors can also be effective in keeping a small bathroom’s atmosphere pleasant, but you may find it best to use these in a smaller way – towels, area rugs, glass backsplash, soap dispenser, etc.

Splurge on Plush, High Quality Accessories


A cushy rug and thick absorbent bath towels can keep a compact bathroom from feeling shabby and give it that luxurious touch it needs to reach its potential as an inviting and refreshing space. Not only that, but quality items will last longer and enhance relaxation and renewal.

Give the Bathroom a Distinct Theme


A vivid decor scheme and definite theme will give the room character and interest and thus draw attention away from its limited floor space. In seeking a decor theme, you may wish to draw from your own interests or hobbies. Is there a time period you enjoy reading about? Have you created crafts or art you would like to display? What about a favorite place, such as the beach or a particular city? Any of these could be the perfect starting point for creating an attractive bathroom theme.

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