Remodeling Tips: Ways to Quickly Transform a Living Room

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Friday, June 05, 2015)

Try one or more of these remodeling tips if your living room is in need of a quick makeover. When you do not have the time or money needed to totally redecorate your living space, the next best things is to make one or two changes that dramatically impact the look and ambience of the room. The best fixes for you depend on the situation of the room and the issues you are trying to address. We’ll look at ways to spruce up boring spaces, cluttered spaces, and “busy” spaces.

Add interest and excitement to an uninspiring living room with one or more of these ideas –
Paint just one wall a bold, deep shade.
Find colorful handmade throws and cushions and arrange these on your sofa and chairs.
Cover bare wall space with a huge wall mirror or an arrangement of small framed mirrors.
Pick a theme for the room and shop for inexpensive wall-hangings and knick-knacks that correspond to it. Use these to replace any dated or unattractive accessories and to add interest to the space. (Try checking your local flea market for unique themed décor items.)
Change out your light fixtures and outlet/switch plates. Splurge a bit on a gorgeous ceiling fan, glamorous chandelier, or modern glass ceiling light for your living room. Also switch to specialty plates for your outlets and switches.
Utilize attractive storage options to deal with untidiness while adding visual appeal at the same time. Let’s look at ways to deal with different types of living room clutter  – 
If scattered books and magazines are the problem, try purchasing a used book shelf with a cupboard and giving it a makeover. Use glass shelves and cabinet glass to replace the original shelves and door fronts, thus giving the piece a chic look and allowing you to store your reading material in style.
For families with young children, toys can cause clutter issues in the living room. Buy attractive large baskets that harmonize with your décor and put the toys in them. Opt for items that are sturdy and flexible rather than something that kids can easily damage.
Sometimes décor items themselves cause clutter if you have too many for your wall space and living room surfaces. Try dividing your knick-knacks into two or three groups and rotating which ones you display throughout the year. You can also make use of wasted floor space by putting shelves in a corner, for instance, and setting some of your pieces there. 
Calm down a “busy” living room with these easy fixes – 
Say good-bye to dated wall-paper or garish wall colors and paint the living room a calm grey, pale green, or delicate blue.
Give the room a more open, restful atmosphere by switching to coffee tables and end tables with glass tabletops.
Include relaxing natural elements like potted plants, a mini-waterfall, or a great view through new patio doors.

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