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Does your restaurant need a face-lift? Would a remodel help attract new customers and build the loyalty of your current patrons? Here are some ideas to help you achieve remodeling success.

Start with the entryway. As the first thing your guests see, the entryway to your restaurant is of prime importance. If it is dim, drab, or marred by an unattractive door, it is definitely time for a change. Consider creating a glass entrance complete with glass doors and sidelights (windows beside the doorway).  A glass entryway can give your building a more sleek and up-to-date feel. Moreover, glass is easily cleaned and sanitized.


Select paint colors with care. Information on color meanings at can help you choose paint colors that enhance appetite while creating a pleasant ambiance. Orange, for instance, has proven effective in promoting food. Furthermore, it boosts the appetite, has a healthy “feel”, and promotes cheerful, happy emotions. Green, which is associated with nature and evokes a sense of security, can also be put to use in a restaurant, especially if your focus is a fresh, healthy menu. On the other hand, blue should be avoided in restaurants in spite of its overall positive connotations because it decreases appetite.


Storefront Glass 

Use glass wall coverings to improve your restaurant’s ambiance. There are a few different options for making glass “work” for you. Wall mirrors add flair and drama while simultaneously making your dining room look twice as large. Additionally they can be used to reflect light or highlight key décor elements by making them appear twice.


Another option is covering wall space with Dreamwalls color glass. This is ultra-clear glass that is painted on the back. You choose the paint color and receive radiant wall coverings that merge the high-end feel of glass with a shade that furthers your dining room’s color scheme.

Replace or improve the tables and chairs. While décor and paint colors affect your patrons’ dining experience, guests get up close and personal with the tables and chairs. Sit in a chair yourself and evaluate its comfort and stability. Whether it’s ordering new chairs or simply adding cushions, make sure your seating is comfy and conducive to lingering over drinks and desserts.


Even if your tables leave something to be desired you might be able to avoid actually replacing them. One possibility is to switch to glass table tops, while another is to simply breathe fresh life into the existing tops by covering them with clear, frosted, or tinted glass.


Glass Windows 

Check for and address window problems. Nothing mars a fine dining experience like cold drafts coming through a nearby window, and issues like cracked or chipped glass definitely detract from a dining room’s atmosphere. Damaged panes can usually be taken out and replacement glass put in, without a full scale window replacement.


On the other hand, if your present windows are causing energy loss, look terrible, or won’t open, it’s time to consider energy-efficient replacement windows.


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