Redoing a Bathroom: Why Call a Glass Company?

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Monday, April 11, 2016)

bathroom remodelIf a bathroom revamp is in your future, calling a glass company might be, too. Bathrooms are no longer simple utilitarian nooks – they have become personal retreats from the chaos and hecticness of life in 2016.

Included in the creation of a home spa bathroom are elements like a glass steam shower enclosure, a frosted glass partition to hide the commode, an elegantly framed vanity mirror, and open glass shelving.

Calling in professional glaziers can mean the difference between trying to make a one-size-fits-all fixture “work” in your bathroom and enjoying custom glass and mirror professionally installed in your space.

Glass Showers
– Modern shower areas offer so much more than a prosaic drizzle from a hardware-store shower head enjoyed behind a clammy vinyl curtain. Some of the features homeowners seek today are –

   •    Steam shower upgrades.

   •    Rain-style shower heads.
   •    Handheld shower sprays.
   •    Body sprays.

   •    Benches.
   •    In-shower nooks and shelves.

No matter what refreshing and relaxing features are INSIDE your shower, it’s vital to enclose this space with the beauty and efficiency it deserves. Glass is an effective barrier to rogue water droplets, and its visual appeal is hard to rival. Whether you want the open look projected by clear glass or a space secluded by frosted glass, professional glaziers can help you create a personalized enclosure that meets your aesthetic and practical needs.


Glass Partition – The need for a glass professional can also arise if you want a privacy screen for the toilet. When the bathroom becomes a thing of beauty and a room characterized by artistry and bold style, the toilet can, in turn, become a fly in the ointment. If a separate “water closet” is not an option, homeowners try to camouflage or obscure the view of the commode. Frosted glass allows you to do this while maintaining sound design principles and preserving continuity with the glass shower.


Custom Vanity Mirror – Another part of the room in which changing trends are evident is the vanity. Not only are sinks and vanity tops evolving in aesthetics and functionality, but the vanity mirror is becoming more unique and personalized. Here are some ways to make the vanity mirror a defining aspect of your bathroom’s décor.


   •    Tasteful frame
   •    Beveled edge
   •    Unique custom mirror shape


Glass Shelving – Yet another reason for calling a glass professional when redoing your bathroom is the desire for custom glass shelving. Open storage shelves are popular in home décor today, and glass is a wonderful material for a bathroom shelf – able to withstand moisture, easily sanitized, and in harmony with other fixtures like the glass shower door.


If you’re redoing a bathroom, entrust the glass and mirror components to the professionals at ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. Our glaziers are experienced and knowledgeable and we’re committed to customer satisfaction through every step of the project. Call today for a free estimate – 703-257-7150!


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