R-5 Standard Means Efficient Replacement Windows for Fairfax Station, VA!

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Thursday, March 06, 2014)

Be sure to learn about R-5 replacement windows before ordering new windows for your house in Fairfax Station, VA. While standard Energy Star windows are a solid choice, some energy conscious homeowners want a higher level of insulation and efficiency in their windows. The R-5 standard represents the next generation of high performance window choices. They surpass the Energy Star requirements and more effectively maintain your home’s desired temperature.

Not only does this enable a homeowner to reduce energy costs, but it can make a home more environmentally friendly. Included in ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc.’s selection of replacement windows are some R-5 products, along with regular Energy Star choices. Call today to set up an in-home window consultation with one of our specialists – (703)257-7150! Let’s examine the features of R-5 replacement windows and see why they appeal to Fairfax Station homeowners who make energy efficiency a priority.

R-5 windows differ from normal windows in the following ways:

  •    - R-value

  •    - U-factor

  •    - Number of Panes

R-value is an indicator of a product’s effectiveness as an insulator. In comparing windows, it’s important to understand that higher R-value means more power to insulate. R-5 windows have an R-value of 5 as opposed to the R-value of 3, which is what you will see on a typical Energy Star window. U-factor is another way of ranking windows, including R-5 replacement windows. Fairfax Station homeowners should understand that U-factor relates to the amount of heat that can be lost through a window. Lower U-factor means less heat loss. The U-factor of an Energy Star window is usually 0.3, while an R-5 window will have a U-factor of about 0.2.

This is a further indication of how R-5 windows have a heightened ability to make a dwelling energy efficient. By checking both R-value and U-factor of each window you consider, you can evaluate the product’s functionality. The number of panes on an R-5 replacement window also sets it apart. It is probable that the current windows in your Fairfax Station home contain double pane glass; however, they could also be single pane windows. R-5 windows are made from triple pane glass. What this means is that each piece of glass is a sealed unit that includes three panes with small voids between them.

As you might suppose, the more panes and spaces, the more insulating capability. Some R-5 windows are even better insulators because the spaces are filled with argon or krypton gas for enhanced insulation. Learn more about the features of both R-5 and Energy Star windows by contacting ABC at (703)257-7150!!!


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