Professional Shower Installation Info for Homeowners in Haymarket, VA

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Tuesday, March 19, 2013)

From do-it-yourself shower door kits to professional installation, many options are available to Haymarket, VA residents who are upgrading their homes or working on brand new bathrooms. The glass shower enclosure pictured here is a high-quality unit put in place by ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. of Manassas Park. If you’re still trying to decide whether a professionally installed door like this is the right choice for you, it’s easy to get questions answered without paying a fee and with no obligation to purchase. Just call (703)257-7150, make your appointment and we’ll send a staff member to your house for a consultation and estimate.

Then, with more information at your disposal, it’s up to you to decide if a beautiful glass shower from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is the best option for your bathroom. Let’s take a closer look at the attractive shower installation in the photo since it showcases some of the many options that Haymarket homeowners can choose from. One of the first things we notice is the choice of clear glazing, which means that the shine of glass highlights the client’s shower tile, rather than obscuring it. When looking at this shower’s chrome hardware, we also observe that only a small amount of aluminum framing has been installed – just a thin header along the top of the unit.

On the rest of the unit, little clips take the place of the traditional metal strips. Finally, if we turn our attention to the door panel itself, we see that the homeowner has selected a swinging door with a vertical pull handle from CRLaurence. As you look at the shower installation pictured here, you probably see some features that are ideal for your Haymarket home as well as others that you are not crazy about. Besides the options on display here, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. offers an abundance of choices in glass, hardware, and shower design. Here are just a few –

  •    - Bypass doors

  •    - Double swinging doors

  •    - Frameless shower

  •    - Steam shower

  •    - Frosted, patterned, or colored glass

  •    - More than 20 different finishes for the handles and hinges

Turning our attention to the actual process of shower installation, here’s a general overview of what Haymarket homeowners can expect when they work with ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. Your free shower door conference allows you to discover more about the world of glass showers and to seek facts and suggestions from someone who has experience in this field.

Prior to ordering the components for the unit that you pick out, one of our experts will measure the shower stall in question and look it over to find any special conditions that necessitate adjustments to the dimensions of the glass panels. When everything arrives at our shop, we’ll make an appointment to visit your home one last time, and an ABC team will install the classy new shower. For a shower installation experience that is marked by courtesy, product knowledge, and quality, Haymarket homeowners should dial ABC at (703)257-7150 today.  


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