Prepare Patio Doors, Grill, and Outdoor Furniture for Springtime in Manassas, VA!

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Saturday, March 02, 2013)

With spring just around the corner you can look forward to walking through your patio doors and enjoying balmy Manassas, VA weather in only a month or two! There is still time to make sure that these doors and the grill and patio furniture your family will be using are attractive and in good condition. A trip to a local home improvement store can often take care of your table, chairs, and grilling equipment needs, but professional assistance may be in order when you’re trying to return your patio door glass to pristine condition.

Try calling ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. and inviting one of our glaziers to meet you at your home for a free estimate and patio door conference – (703)257-7150. As you inspect your patio and take note of areas concern regarding the doors or other fixtures, follow these steps to prepare your Manassas home for summer.

  1. Inspect the glass on your patio doors. If it is chipped, foggy, or cracked call ABC to find out if we can save you money by installing replacement glass as needed, so that you do not have to throw away and replace the parts of the door that are still in solid condition.

  2. Take a look at your grill. Is it large enough for your family’s needs? For the parties you have planned? Is it in good working order? Do you have the gas or charcoal needed to fire it up?

  3. Have a seat in one of your patio chairs. Are you greeted by the aroma of mildew? Is the chair wobbly or marred by torn upholstery?.

We can’t replace your grill or furniture, but to get the patio doors on your Manassas home looking wonderful again, call the ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. experts – (703)257-7150! It does not matter whether you need double or single pane glass; clear, patterned, or frosted glass; one new piece or many – in most cases we can replace the problematic glazing and eliminate the cost and hassle involved in having a whole new door installed!      


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