Popular Shower Upgrades in 2016

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Wednesday, April 06, 2016)

clear frameless showerShower areas today are being upgraded to spa-like havens of relaxation and renewal. Popular items in 2016 include a wide range of products spanning all aspects of the shower stall, from practical to aesthetic.

In fact, innovative upgrades even allow you to meet other goals – such as being environmentally friendly or making your bathroom easy to clean – possible to achieve at the save time as you are turning your shower into a spa-inspired retreat.

Enclosure built from clear frame less glass

Many Northern Virginia residents are trading in their curtained shower areas for transparent enclosures built from frame-free glass. The impact of this change on a bathroom is hard to exaggerate. The room instantly gets a more opulent feel and looks larger since the shower area is now part of the total space that the eye takes in.

If you’re remodeling on a budget, you can simply add a glass door and panel to your existing tub/shower combo to give it a boost with minimal expenditure. However, if it’s time to go all out, you can tear out the old insert and have a brand new glass shower enclosure constructed to your specifications. Regardless of the amount of glass added to your bathroom, options like ShowerGuard glass and the EnduroShield coating make it much easier to keep the enclosure sparkling clean.


Special shower head

Many homeowners have realized that the shower head can be more than the simple nozzle they grew up with. A little online research will reveal that the shower head itself can:

     •    Be water saving
     •    Offer a multitude of spray options
     •    Include a speaker
     •    Be enhanced with an aromatherapy kit
     •    Be mounted on the ceiling, for a rain-like effect

Furthermore, today’s home improvers are often not satisfied with just a shower head. Body jets and hand-held sprays further add to a refreshing shower experience.

gold shower fixtureGold-plated hardware

Gold hardware is getting a lot of attention these days as the new finish of choice for home decorators. You may be inclined to write this off as impossible to include in your bathroom if you have neither the funds nor inclination to replace every last piece of metal with a gold-covered counterpart.

The good news is that eclectic looks are also hot in 2016, so it’s acceptable to choose a gold shower door handle for a bathroom with brass - or another finish - on the fixtures.

Steam shower

The steam shower is another special feature that lots of Northern Virginian families want to include in their homes. In addition to the steam shower kit itself, you’ll need a fully enclosed stall with an interior that can withstand lots of humidity and moisture, as well as an adjustable transom to control the amount of steam retained inside the shower.

Heated floors

Tile and stone floors are undeniably chilly in the winter months, and a plush bath mat is not enough for some homeowners. Radiant floor heating,  either hydronic or electric, keeps your bathroom cozy all year round and ensures that you’ll step out onto a comfortable surface after your rejuvenating shower. In fact, hydronic radiant floor heating is a viable option for your home’s primary heat source and can even you save you money in the long run, thanks to its energy efficiency.


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