Polycarbonate Sheeting Provides Excellent Solutions for Reston, VA Customers

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Saturday, May 26, 2012)

Polycarbonate sheeting (Lexan) is one of several great security glass options that ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. offers Reston, VA homeowners and businesspersons. When safety and security are major concerns, polycarbonate sheeting is often the best choice since it is virtually unbreakable. With ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. you can enjoy a free safety glass consultation and professional installation of the product you select. We are available Mon.- Fri. between the hours of 7am and 5pm, so give us a call at (703)257-7150! And don’t forget to inquire about any other mirror or glass items that you need for your home or business.

If you’re worried about vandalism or intrusion, polycarbonate sheeting can help make your Reston building more secure. So strong that it will bend rather than break, it is a great covering for your windows that might otherwise be the most vulnerable areas on your structure. If you have windows beside one or more doors, replacing the window glass with polycarbonate sheeting is a good way to boost the security of these doors. Even accidental breakage can be a real concern depending on the location of your building. If your home is on a golf course, for instance, you may wish to consider polycarbonate coverings for the windows most at risk of being struck. Polycarbonate sheeting is also useful in a workshop if you have tools that require safety screens. Reston employers and parents can help keep those who depend on them safe with personal safety shields composed of this highly impact-resistant product. For excellent durability, polycarbonate sheeting (Lexan) is a great choice!

Even in the home, polycarbonate sheeting can meet the needs of many Reston residents. Keep valued possessions in great condition with polycarbonate picture frame “glass” or a polycarbonate table top cover. This product is also a fabulous choice for display cases where items of monetary or sentimental value are housed. Learn more about the many uses for this versatile safety glass when you schedule a free consultation and estimate with an ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. glazier. We offer appealing polycarbonate sheeting options for clients in Reston and the Northern Virginia area. If you need this safety glass right away, check into our stock sizes – sheets that we have available in our shop. When a custom size is needed, one of glaziers will take measurements, check for any irregular structural conditions, and order glass in the required dimensions. When it comes in, we’ll call to schedule installation of your sheeting. Polycarbonate sheeting (Lexan) could be the perfect product for your Reston home or business, and with ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc., you’ll be working with a local, family-owned company. Get started with a free safety glass conference (estimate included) and end with the professional installation of the selected items. ABC Glass and Mirror Inc. – (703)257-7150!  


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