Plexiglas Sheeting for Indoor and Outdoor Projects in Clifton, VA

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Monday, February 23, 2015)

Whether you need to pick up a standard sized sheet of Plexiglas sheeting or want custom-cut, professionally-installed sheets for your Clifton, VA home or business, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can help! Our family-owned and operated glass shop gives you the friendly, hometown customer service you deserve along with the range of products and services you need to complete residential and commercial projects involving mirrors, glass, or glass alternatives. To learn more or to receive expert assistance in figuring out what material is best for your application, dial (703)257-7150 and plan a free consultation at your home or commercial location.

Plexiglas sheeting is a popular glass alternative available to homeowners and business owners in Clifton. ABC supplies Plexiglas with a clear, glass-like appearance as well as opaque Plexiglas that is available in many different colors. Both types are versatile and can be used for a wide range of indoor and outdoor installations. Indoor uses include –

·        - Safety walls near staircases and landings.

·         -Display cases.

·         -Alternative to glass in vulnerable locations.

-Outdoor applications include –

·         -Safety walls for decks and deck stairs.

·         -Greenhouses.

·         -Sunrooms and enclosed porches.

Whatever your specific need might be, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can help you fulfill your goals by providing the appropriate stock or customized sheets of Plexiglas.

Along with Plexiglas sheeting, ABC gives Clifton, VA residents a few more types of safety glass from which to pick. First, we have Lexan sheeting, another glass alternative, which shares many characteristics in common with Plexiglas while also offering unique features of its own like extreme impact-resistance. Additionally, we sell three types of durable glass –

·         Tempered glass – Roughly four times the strength of annealed glass. Broken pieces are not as sharp.

·         Laminated glass – Comprised of two sheets of annealed glass stuck to a thin sheet of clear vinyl. Glass stays intact if broken.

·         Laminated tempered glass – Same as above except the sheets of glass are tempered.

Discover the ideal material for your needs by calling ABC today at (703)257-7150!


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