Patio Doors Can Be Replaced by ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc.

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Saturday, November 09, 2013)

The glass on the patio doors of your Woodbridge, VA residence can be replaced by ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. If your patio door glass is currently damaged or foggy, dial (703)257-7150 and we’ll send someone to your home to take a look. At this complimentary visit to your house, a member of our glazing staff will analyze the problem, discuss replacement glass possibilities, and give you a price quote for the work and materials. The unfortunate reality is that damaged glass can mar the image of your home, but the good news is that most of these problems can be remedied by changing out just the glass rather than the whole door. With the help of the friendly staff of ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc., your patio doors can once again be functional and visually appealing! Patio doors vary from home to home in the Woodbridge area.

However, most patio door glazing is double pane glass, also known as an insulated unit. This type of glass includes double panes with a void in between them. Sometimes this void is filled with argon or krypton gas for improved insulation. A seal is also in place around the unit, keeping moisture out of the void. If the seal breaks down, the glass can become “foggy.” If your double pane glass has become foggy, cracked, chipped, etc., it’s time to have pristine new panels installed in its place, and ABC is just the company to do it! On occasion, we will see patio doors that are made up of many sections of single pane glass. Woodbridge residents can be assured that ABC can also replace single pane glass. Further possibilities exist for the new glass for the patio doors in your Woodbridge home. At ABC, we offer –

  • Clear glass

  • Patterned glass

  • Frosted glass

  • Low-emissivity coatings

  • Argon gas between the panes of an insulated unit.

The first three options relate to aesthetics and the style of glass already in place on your doors. The latter two have to do with heightened energy efficiency for the patio doors. Get details about these options and others at your free replacement glass consultation! Do not forget the patio doors as you prepare your Woodbridge home for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays! Make sure that family and friends are treated to the sight of pristine glass as they enter and exit your patio doors. Get in touch with ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. today – (703)257-7150 – to find out if replacement glass is the solution to your patio door needs!


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