How to Order Frameless Shower Doors Like a Pro

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Frameless Shower Doors

Knowing the right questions to ask and the options that are available to you will ensure that you order your frameless doors like a pro. Getting what you want and how you want it is an important part of any renovation project. 

Remember it doesn’t matter that the project is more of updating existing items and adding a fresh coat of paint, or if you are knocking walls down and redoing the plumbing, understanding the options in frameless shower doors will get you what you want the first time.

Order Like a Pro

There are a few items to ask about in terms of shower doors that will make you sound like a pro.  A little knowledge can go a long way.  In order to get the information you need, let’s talk about the ABC’s of a custom frameless shower door purchase.  These three categories are an important aspect of a shower door purchase.  

    A.    Type of Shower Door
    B.    Hardware-Finish and Style
    C.    Glass Options


Frameless shower doors

Shower Door Type

Here are some questions to ask yourself about shower door types.  What look do you want for your bathroom?  Do you want the clean, modern look of a frameless shower door or do you want the bold look of a framed enclosure?  Do you want a steam or sliding shower?  So your shower door types consist of:

    •    Frameless
    •    Semi-frameless
    •    Framed
    •    Sliding
    •    Steam

There are some practical items to keep in mind as well.  If you are considering the makeover for a smaller bathroom, sliding shower doors are a great option.  Also, frameless shower doors may be a tad more expensive than the other kinds of shower doors.  There may be an added cost for a steam enclosure as well.

Hardware for Your Shower Doors

Hardware for your shower door is a great way to show off your style and design preference!  There are so many styles to choose from, not mention the color and finishes, too.  Just like with shower door types some finishes and styles may be a little more or less expensive depending on what you choose.  

Glass Options for Glass Enclosures

Glass options will definitely add to the amazing new look of your bathroom.  There are options that help keep your shower doors looking newer longer and minimize the damage done by hard water and dirt and grime. 


Two great types that offer this protection are Shower Guard by Guardian glass and Clear shield.  Ask your glass professional the pros and cons of both choices.  Also, you can pick your glass to have a pattern, to be clear, to be etched or even tinted.  These are all simple, yet important things to know and to question before choosing your shower door!

Don’t Let the Shower Door Process Overwhelm You

Don’t let the process of purchasing custom frameless shower doors overwhelm you.  For a major bathroom remodel homeowners often consult with a contractor with their likes and dislikes and the contractor sets up the appointment and orders the glass doors.


shower doors


However, often time residents are trying to update their space without the high cost of a remodel.   For most do-it-yourselfers they become their own contractor because most people cannot afford to hire one for a simple bathroom renovation.  There are a few major points to keep in mind when starting to refresh your shower stall area with a new enclosure.  

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