New Shower with Glass Doors: Cleaning Tips and Shower Door Basics for Purcellville, VA Residents

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Tuesday, November 27, 2012)

Upgrading your shower with the ideal choice of glass doors, maintaining good care and cleaning practices – Purcellville homeowners have a lot to ponder when they add a bathroom to a residence or remodel an existing shower! However, you don’t have to wade through the myriad of options on your own – call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. at (703)257-7150 to get professional assistance with your bathroom work. We specialize in shower doors and enclosures, as well as mirrors, glass backsplashes, and replacement glass.

Additionally, our crews are polite and experienced in working with glass, so call for a complimentary quote and to schedule a free glass consultation in the comfortable convenience of your own house. First we’ll address issues that shower customers should keep in mind as they choose glass doors; then then we’ll offer cleaning tips for our Purcellville clients. As you learn about the plentiful design options and the glass and hardware possibilities, there are some basic considerations you will want give think about.

These include –

  •    - Is a given shower design a practical choice for my specific bathroom? For instance, a unit with a door that swings out would not be a good fit for a bathroom where the vanity is right next to the shower.

  •    - What overall design vision do I have for the bathroom? Will a particular unit complement or detract from the rest of the room?

  •    - Will I continue to appreciate a trendy, unique look, or is something classic more appropriate for my family’s tastes?

    - After a shower is beautified by the installation of the selected glass doors, cleaning tips are valued by Purcellville homeowners. Perhaps the two most important guidelines to keep in mind are –

  •     - Dry/squeegee the unit at the end of each shower.

  •    - Never clean your glass shower (or the hardware) with cleaners, sponges, or rags that are harsh or abrasive.

For our patrons who select brass shower door hardware, it is of the utmost importance to remember that NO cleaners, soaps, etc. may be used in the maintenance of brass shower door components. On the contrary, these pieces must be cleaned with a dry, soft cloth. Basically, you want to minimize the buildup of minerals by removing droplets promptly and then clean your shower regularly using only approved materials.

Enjoy a new shower with glass doors and make sure it continues to add elegance to your Purcellville home by weekly cleaning and daily maintenance habits! Also, make sure that the first step in your bathroom makeover is an in-home conference with a glass shower professional from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. Call (703)257-7150 if you think that glass shower doors might be a stunning addition to one or more bath areas in your home.


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