New Shower Doors Bring Fresh Look to Homes in Haymarket

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Friday, May 30, 2014)

From simple to extravagant, shower doors from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. meet the needs of Haymarket, VA families with diverse tastes and pricing needs. In fact, you can easily make plans for an in-home shower door meeting with one of our glass shower consultants – offered free of charge. As you discover the features and characteristics of different glass shower configurations, it becomes easy to narrow down the feasible choices and find the perfect style. Furthermore, ABC’s proficiency with custom work means that you can adjust the unit to address particular needs and to match the rest of your bathroom. (703)257-7150 is the phone number to call for a respected local shower door company, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc.! Shower doors often come with additional glass panels that form a glass enclosure. Haymarket home improvers should know that the three main enclosure styles are –

  • Frameless – no aluminum frame, just glass and small pieces of hardware

  • Framed – complete aluminum frame surrounding each piece of glass

  • Semi-frameless – partial frame as well as some bare glass edges

Understanding these three variations is important because the presence/amount of framing impacts not only the visual quality of the unit, but also affects pricing, ease of cleaning, and where the shower can be installed. Another important variation relates to the shower doors themselves; Haymarket home decorators must have to make a choice between sliding and swinging shower doors. Sliding shower doors can be traditional bypass doors, which are generally semi-frameless, or they can be frameless sliders. Either way these doors bring your restroom up to date in a very space-friendly manner. Bypass/sliding doors can either be added to a tub or installed on the floor/curb. Alternatively, swinging shower doors are a viable option in those bathrooms that have some free space near the shower entrance. They can be used singly or in a pair, and they really dress up the shower area. Call one of our glaziers today to learn about all the other glass shower products available to ABC clients – (703)257-7150!


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