Money Saving Tips for Virginia Residents

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Friday, August 14, 2015)

Money Saving Tips

When you follow money saving tips for family entertainment and necessary purchases like groceries and clothing, you’ll have more funds available for your favorite charity as well as important “extras” like home improvement, a much-needed vacation, or the development a hobby.

So the ticket to being able to afford a glass shower enclosure in your master bathroom, a wall mirror for your living room, or cabinet glass to rejuvenate your kitchen could be smarter shopping for your family’s necessities and entertainment!

Discount Grocery Stores
– Most families can get much of what they need at a discount grocery mart and then supplement with occasional trips to a conventional store. Look for one of these options in your area –


    •  Sharp Shopper – Located in Winchester, Harrisonburg, and Waynesboro, Sharp Shopper is reminiscent of a miniature outlet mall for groceries that features an ever-changing assortment of items that other retailers over-stocked. From gourmet coffee to organic lettuce, you never know what amazing bargains you might find. Sharp Shopper also has regularly stocked dairy products and dry staples for convenience, but these may not be cheaper than traditional grocery store prices.


    •  Aldi – Filling a different niche, we have Aldi, which has various VA locations including stores in Manassas, Alexandria, and Culpeper. While Sharp Shopper is characterized by unpredictable variety, you always know what will be available at Aldi. Each store offers a fairly wide assortment of groceries, and almost all of them are Aldi brands. While some recipe ingredients might not be available, it is possible to get a week’s worth of groceries at Aldi while spending less than you normally would.  However, some families prefer to buy items such as meat or produce at their regular grocery stores.


Bargain Hunting vs. Killing Time – This money saving tip for clothes shopping involves turning wasted time into financially savvy shopping practices. For many moms and dads, the day’s schedule includes kids’ activities like ballet, soccer, karate, choir practice, and so on.


What do you do while your child is participating? Waste time on Facebook? Buy yourself an over-priced cup of coffee? Gossip with other parents? Order stuff online out of boredom? Instead of wasting time or even over-spending, use this time to do one of the following –


    •  Browse the clothing racks at a nearby thrift store. You might be surprised by what you end up finding if you visit the same thrift store week after week. This will allow you to be the lucky customer who finds the name brand shirt with the tags still on or the whole summer wardrobe of a child from a financially blessed family. In fact, some enterprising parents have even turned this into a money-making venture by purchasing like-new name brand items they don’t need and then selling them on eBay.


    •  Peruse the clearance racks of nearby clothing stores. You might find something you or another family member can use right away, but more often you can buy for the next season. And when it comes to classic items like white button downs, sweatshirts, etc. you can even buy items for your children to wear a few years down the road. You’ll love the money you save later by having bought the items ahead of time for a fraction of the full retail price.


Free and Low-Cost Entertainment - While eating out and taking the family to a movie are both fun treats, they are quite costly. Thankfully, Virginia residents do not have to look very hard to find economical entertainment that is also very enjoyable. Possibilities include –


    •  A hike in a state or national park
    •  Getting together with friends for a cookout at a town playground
    •  A picnic at a local winery
    •  Swimming or fishing at a community lake
    •  Visiting a nearby museum
    •  Touring a Civil War battlefield
    •  Berry picking at a local farm
    •  A walk with your pet at a dog park


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