Maximize the Potential of Your Small Bathroom

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shower doorsBring out the best in your small bathroom by maximizing its potential for elegance and functionality. Some of the most common issues that must be tackled in remodeling a small bathroom are –

   •    A cramped or claustrophobic atmosphere.
   •    Insufficient or non-existent storage.
   •    Problematic set-up of the room.
   •    Inconvenient shower access.

Let’s look at some ways to address each of these concerns in a compact bathroom.

Clear glass is a great tool for transforming a room that feels confining. If you currently have an opaque shower curtain, you’ll probably be amazed at what the switch to a clear glass shower enclosure can do for the atmosphere of your small bathroom. Not only will it visually enlarge the room by including the shower area in the space the eye takes in, but the transparent glass will itself lend a sense of brightness and airiness to the room.


glass mirrors


Additional options for cheering up a minuscule bathroom include adding light fixtures, having a larger vanity mirror installed, switching to window treatments that let natural light stream in, or even adding a window. It is also important to include colors that promote feelings of tranquility and joy in your bathroom décor. Some designers prefer to stick to light colors in cramped quarters, while others advise saturating the space with bold color. Discover the look that speaks to you and go with it.


Creativity might be needed to address the issue of insufficient or non-existent storage in a small bathroom. The wall behind/above the commode is often unused. Have clear glass shelving installed on it and you have a great surface on which to stash extra towels, wash cloths, toiletry items, and rolls of bathroom tissue. The nice part is that the clear glass helps maintain the illusion of space.


glass shelves


Small Bathroom Remodeling Suggestions for Fairfax Homeowners


Fairfax has many early 20th century homes and many newly construction homes.  So whether you own a vintage home in Fairfax or you live in a relatively new home, a remodel provides you with the opportunity to correct mistakes made in the overall set-up of a small bathroom. Sometimes a homeowner has dealt with an issue so long that she or he stops noticing it. Here are some situations to check for as you prepare to renovate –


    •    Toilet paper holder is in an out of the way place.
    •    Cabinet doors or shower doors strike other fixtures when open.
    •    Towels touch the trashcan or toilet when hung on the towel bar.


A related problem is inconvenient shower access. Options for addressing this are varied, and will depend on how much space you have to work with. If this is a problem for your bathroom, consider using sliding doors instead of a swinging door, switching to a walk-in enclosure, or moving the entrance to the shower. Glass can undoubtedly play a critical role in the improvement of your little bathroom, so call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. today at 703-257-7150!


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