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interior designDon’t let preoccupation with your central living space cause you to overlook the beautification of your master suite. If it’s time for a master suite makeover, here are some tips to get couples started in successfully transforming a utilitarian space into a romantic and relaxing nook.

Become Color Savvy

One of the most basic elements of your master suite design is the color scheme. In this room above all, don’t make the mistake of choosing a paint color without evaluating its emotional impact. It can be very helpful to do a little research into the meanings and effects of various colors, but the bottom line is how a color affects the two of you.

As a general rule, you will want to pick from among calming shades for features like wall color, flooring, and bed clothes and reserve bold, energizing tones like red for key accent items such as a throw pillow, bedside clock, or frame around a full-length mirror.


Don’t Forget Lighting

Keeping in mind that lighting sets the mood, you don’t want to neglect this aspect of your master suite makeover. The key to properly illuminating a master suite is versatility. You want a romantic glow, but you also want to be able to wake yourself up in the morning with radiant brightness…..and you can’t forget that natural lighting is preferred for things like make-up application.



The answer is to include multiple lighting options in the one room. This can mean adding an energy-efficient window to the master bathroom, installing a dimmable switch for your ceiling light, and adding bedside lamps that softly illuminate the space.


Incorporate Natural Materials


Today’s trend toward natural building and decorating materials fits in perfectly with the need for a master suite that can be a place of relaxation and renewal. Wonderful options for incorporating natural materials into your makeover include:


   •    Hardwood floors
   •    A stone fireplace
   •    Headboard and dressers made from reclaimed lumber
   •    Natural fabrics like cotton and linen
   •    Potted plants
   •    A living wall in the bathroom


Make Sure the Room is Functional & Organized


While aesthetics are extremely important, it would be a mistake to neglect practical considerations like storage and organization. You won’t be able to enjoy the special space you’ve created if it is cluttered and messy. The best storage solutions are those that also add to the visual appeal of the room, so consider glass shelving, wooden cabinetry, and large baskets as part of your organizational scheme.



Other aspects of making the room functional include hanging two full length mirrors, convenient arrangement of furniture, and providing yourselves with sufficient closet space. If your room is lacking in the closet department, keep in mind that you can buy free-standing “closets” that can also function as décor elements.


Give the Master Bath Spa-Like Features


Northern Virginia residents can bring the experience of visiting a spa right into their own master bathrooms. This part of the makeover can be limited to adding low-cost amenities such as an aroma-therapy shower kit, a small lamp on the vanity counter, upgraded bath towels, a bamboo bath mat, and a basket filled with natural skincare products.


However, if you’re ready to do some remodeling, you can enhance your master bath with a steam shower, a frameless glass shower enclosure, a natural stone floor, a heated floor, a deep free-standing tub, and perhaps even a skylight.


ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. of Manassas Park is your partner for all the glass and mirror elements needed for your master suite makeover. Give us a call to schedule a free estimate and in-home consultation – 703-257-7150.

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