Many Options for Relaxing Colors for Bedrooms

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Whether you are remodeling the master bedroom, a child’s bedroom, or a guest room, choosing relaxing paint colors should be one of the items on your to-do list along with other key upgrades like energy-efficient windows, attractive wall-mirrors, pretty window treatments, cozy furnishings, and quality flooring. The good news is that relaxing color choices include a variety of shades ranging from bold to subtle. Twelve relaxing paint colors are presented at, and a quick perusal reveals that there is a relaxing color for your project regardless of whom you are decorating for – you and your spouse, a little girl, a teenage boy, your relatives, etc.

Contrary to what you might think at first, a bold or bright color can promote a calm mood within a room. Three of the twelve featured colors are purple, coral, and aqua. These striking shades appeal to those who love color and want the room to make a bold statement. How is it possible for a room like this to also possess a relaxing ambience? In the case of purple, the suggestion is to use this “rich” color throughout the space, rather than breaking things up with pale accents. A quick investigation into the meanings of colors via reveals that purple blends “the stability of blue and the energy of red.” Thus a purple bedroom could be perfect for a teenager who uses the space for both study and hanging out. 
Coral and aqua share a common association with tropics, oceans, and the beach, places that we relate to vacations, relaxation, sunbathing, and the like. As in the case of purple, these colors remain bright and cheerful while also promoting an aura of calm and refreshment. Furthermore, they suggest a theme for the room that is easily brought to fruition by choosing beach house inspired furnishings, flooring, and window treatments.

Next let’s look at the recommended blues and greens, color choices inspired by the tranquility of nature.
Blue-gray – a peaceful and subtle blend reminiscent of “a rainy day.”
Light green – actually more like a faint hint of green, just enough to change the walls from stark white to restful, pale green.
Celestial blue – a very gentle sky blue that captures the relaxing aspects of a bright summer day.
Blue-green – close to gray, but with hints of blue and green for a more cheery shade.
Pale blue – another take on the blue sky theme, but a bit brighter than celestial blue.
It is easy to understand how subtle blues and greens can promote relaxation since they incorporate the very colors that we associate with the peace and harmony of the outdoors.

When gray undertones are included, pink and lilac can also be used to generate a calming ambience in a bedroom, and of course gray itself is a popular choice today.
Light pink 
Gray lilac 
Warm gray 

The nice thing about gray and warm gray is that they are relaxing colors but very neutral in their associations and ability to coordinate with other colors. You might want to consider gray walls for a guest bedroom, a bedroom for a pre-teen, or a bedroom with changing occupants. Light pink and gray lilac allow you to incorporate a favorite color without making the room seem “childish” or too pastel while also achieving a refreshing space.

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