Make Your Home More Beautiful with Glass Shelving in Fairfax, VA

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Wednesday, March 27, 2013)

Have you tried glass shelving in your Fairfax, VA home? Glass shelving is appealing because it effectively combines aesthetic appeal with organizational solutions. If you’re intrigued but unsure about whether this is the right product for your dwelling, call the helpful glass specialists of ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. at (703)257-7150. Without spending a dime, you can learn more about glass shelving options as well as other glass items at an in-home consultation. Contact our Manassas Park office today to line up our visit and receive a gratis quote! First, let’s focus on the practical benefits that glass shelving can offer Fairfax homeowners.

The installation of shelves makes a space more efficient in terms of storage; you can stash more stuff on shelves than you can safely stack or pile up on the floor! Additionally, shelves make it easier to organize belongings. With a shelving system in place you can store items by season, owner, function, or any other category you choose! And, if you are concerned about the safety of using glass, keep in mind that we offer tempered and laminated glass options. Next, we’ll consider how glass shelving can add beauty to your family’s Fairfax residence. To begin with, we offer home designers a few different looks to choose from, including –

  •    - Clear glass

  •    - Frosted glass

  •    - Patterned glass

  •    - Some colored glass

  •    - Mirror glass

The glass that’s right for you is determined by a variety of factors such as the function of the shelves, the color scheme of the room, the overall décor mode of your home, and personal taste. One of the wonderful things about glass shelving in your Fairfax home is that it allows you to turn storage into interior design. Consider these possibilities and think up some ideas for your own house!

  • Are your kitchen countertops cluttered with small gadgets, seasonings, the sugar bowl, etc? Have a glass shelf installed on a nearby wall and tastefully arrange these items along with a couple well-chosen knick-knacks.

  • Is the bathroom vanity littered with toothbrushes, razors, and hair accessories? Purchase a small basket for each family member and have glass shelving put in place. Fill the baskets with the personal toiletry items and set them on the shelves along with tidy stacks of wash clothes, bottles of lotion, and fragrant soaps.

  • Free up space on your desk by bringing glass shelves to your home workspace. Give the area a classy, professional atmosphere with a set of glass shelves containing your books, office supplies, etc. as well as your favorite collectibles.

Adding glass shelving to your house does not have to stressful in Fairfax, VA - call the glass and mirror professionals at ABC to get your project underway!


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