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    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Wednesday, February 10, 2016)

larger bathroomKnowing how to make a small bathroom look bigger allows you to improve the look and feel of a space you use regularly. When moving or adding on is not an option, we have to make the best of a compact bathroom. Here are some tips and tricks for making the space look bigger without breaking down walls…or your bank account.

Put mirror glass to work for you.

Your small bathroom probably includes a vanity mirror, but this can be more than a utilitarian wall-hanging that is helpful for shaving or make-up application. Switching to a more substantial vanity mirror can actually make the space look larger. You may even want to order a custom mirror that extends all the way across the vanity and reaches up to the ceiling.

Adding extra, well-placed mirrors works well in some bathrooms depending on the set-up and size. Consider situating a mirror opposite a feature of the room that says “spacious.” This could be a window, a glass shower enclosure, or a living wall.


Use clear glass instead of privacy glass or a shower curtain.

Replacing a shower curtain or frosted glass shower door with clear glass has a significant impact on how big or small the bathroom looks. When you use clear glass to enclose the shower stall, it keeps this part of the bathroom in sight and includes it in the total space the eye takes in.

shower doorsSince most small bathrooms have small showers, using clear glass can also improve one’s shower experience by creating an enclosure that feels bright and airy in spite of its limited dimensions.


Lighten up.

There are two ways to “lighten up” a small bathroom, and both are important. First, if your goal is to make the space look bigger, you want to stay away from dark colors and use pale shades on the walls, floors, etc. Next, include tasteful and plentiful lighting options; don’t just limit yourself to a light over the sink.


Wall sconces and table lamps work well in many small bathrooms. Finally, if there is a bathroom window, look for a window treatment that gives privacy but still lets in lots of  natural light. You could even do away with the window treatments all together and have frosted replacement glass installed in place of the clear panes.



Simple, but significant, decluttering can totally change a room’s ambiance. In addition to minimizing the items on the bathroom surfaces, decluttering involves creating workable storage solutions. Clear glass shelves on a bathroom wall or even inside the shower enclosure are a great option for a small bathroom.


The clear glass ensures that the shelves to not visibly fill up space, but they provide an attractive platform on which to stash necessities like washcloths, towels, etc.


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