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    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Wednesday, November 19, 2014)

Have you ever wished your patio doors were more energy-friendly or in better shape overall? There’s a family-run glass shop right here in Manassas Park that can help you make these wishes into realities. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. brings you the products and services needed to improve your patio doors while making green choices and saving money. Not sure how this is possible? Get in touch with us at (703)257-7150 and set up a time for one of our glaziers to meet you at your home for a patio door glass consultation. It’s a free consultation and a terrific way to learn about the possibilities, so why not call today?!? As time goes by, glass on patio doors in Manassas Park homes can deteriorate or suffer damage. A typical patio door is made with insulated glass, and this includes a seal that can fail over time and leave the glass looking foggy. The door might also be drafty, and the glass may have even been cracked by a baseball or other projectile. Usually, a homeowner can choose to resolve these issues in a manner that is both environmentally sensitive and financially savvy. This involves the removal of the old glass and the installation of a new piece of insulated glass. Handling the problem this way cuts down on waste since the whole door is not replaced. This method also keeps the costs down for you, making it a win-win scenario! Working with your local glass experts at ABC to fix the patio doors in your Manassas Park residence is also a green choice because of the energy-efficient upgrades we offer.

  • Argon gas – This harmless gas is heavier than air, which means that it functions as a more effective insulator. We can upgrade your replacement glass by filling the space between the double panes with argon and thus reduce energy lost through the window.
  • Low-E films – These transparent coatings are applied to the appropriate sides of the panes to enhance the window’s energy efficiency. They achieve this by reflecting the sun’s heat away from home (helpful in the summer) and reflecting furnace heat back into the house (helpful in the winter).
Even if your patio doors have issues that cannot be resolved by replacement glass, ABC can still aid you in making your Manassas Park home more energy-friendly. We carry superb options in new patio doors, options that include glass which meets the stringent R-5 standards as well as three kinds of IntelliGlass. IntelliGlass makes use of insulating gases and silver coatings to achieve high-performance patio doors and windows. Learn more about resolving patio door issues with us by dialing (703)257-7150!!! 

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