Local Shop Offers Green Insulated Unit Options to McLean, VA Residents

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Wednesday, June 27, 2012)

 You’ll definitely want to get information about a new insulated unit if you’re thinking about replacing one or more windows in your McLean, VA home. In many cases, you can actually have just the glass (the insulated unit) replaced, rather than throwing out the whole window and buying a new one. Moreover, you can shop locally while doing so. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is a family-owned and operated glass company that is located nearby in Manassas Park.

You’ll enjoy personalized service and professional installation, as well as options for making your new glass more environmentally friendly. One of our glaziers will be happy to visit your home for a complimentary glass consultation so you can go over the options in more detail. There is no charge for this initial conference and estimate, and you can schedule one by calling the ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. office at (703)257-7150. Replacing just the insulated unit (when possible) is great way for McLean homeowners to cut down on wastefulness and on garbage in the landfill.

Why discard an entire window if it is just the glass that is damaged? Additionally, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. offers a couple ways to make an insulated unit more energy efficient, and clients can choose one or both.    

  1. The glass becomes a better insulator when argon gas fills the space between the double panes.

  1. LOW-E (low emissivity) coatings are applied to reduce energy loss through the window.


An ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. glazier will be happy to discuss each of these options along with pricing at your in-home consultation. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. also wants your new insulated unit to look fantastic. We know you want it to match the rest of the glass in the window, room, or house, so we offer clear, patterned, and acid-etched (frosted) glass options. Additionally, insulated glass units are available in several thicknesses, including –    

  •    - 1/8”

  •    - 3/16”

  •    - 1/4"

One of our experience glaziers can help you ascertain which thickness and glass type will best achieve the look and functionality you desire. When it’s not possible to replace just the insulated unit, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. still provides green window options for McLean residents. Our line of replacement vinyl windows has standard features such as argon gas, LOW-E coatings, 0.30 or less on u-factor and SHGC.

These Energy-Star qualified windows are a great way to save “green” while going green, especially if you take advantage of ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc.’s limited time 10% discount on replacement windows. So be sure to shop locally when you need an insulated unit or a replacement window for your McLean, VA home! Enjoy the friendly, personalized attention you’ll receive as an ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. customer. Call (703)257-7150 for more information.  


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