Living Walls Bring Nature into Modern Bathrooms

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Monday, January 25, 2016)

living wallsYou may not have heard of green living walls, but their rising popularity indicates they will become more common in American houses as time goes on. In homes today we see both a deepening appreciation for nature alongside the desire for up-to-date fixtures that are simple, visually appealing, and highly functional.

This is really exemplified in contemporary bathroom trends. On the one hand, we observe a return to nature in the form of unpainted wood, stone elements, and the increasing interest in living walls.

Simultaneously, homeowners today want the spa-like refreshment offered by a high-end shower spray system inside a frameless enclosure fashioned from clear glass.

While some of these items might seem like real “odd couples” in the making, the fact is, nature-based items are the perfect complement for the minimalism and clean lines of contemporary bath fixtures. Natural materials and living walls provide the warmth, the life, the sense of renewal that might be lacking in a bathroom dominated by human-made materials, perfect symmetry, and emphasis on practical needs.


Among these naturalistic bathroom components, one of the most intriguing is the living wall. Basically, these are vertical gardens that cover part or all of a wall. Do-it-yourself supplies and kits are available for small scale living wall projects, but many of these undertakings call for professional involvement.


No one can say that adding a green living wall to your bathroom will be cheap or especially easy, but the initial cost and the care of the plants are worthwhile investments for homeowners who value the benefits of a vertical indoor garden.


These include –


   •    Improved air quality.
   •    Great visual impact.
   •    A more tranquil ambience in the room.
   •    A dynamic and living surface that totally changes the mood of the living space.


While we can’t provide your bathroom with a living wall, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is here to be your partner in making your shower area more beautiful and more useful.


Whether you seek the perks associated with a steam shower or simply need a solution for the water that keeps getting past your shower curtain, ABC is ready to help with a wide range of quality shower enclosures professionally installed by teams of trained glaziers.


Moreover, we can also add modern elegance and convenience to your bath area with –


   •    Custom vanity mirrors
   •    Glass shelves
   •    Glass backsplashes
   •    Glass partitions
   •    And more!


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