Living Room Makeover: Update Your Look on a Budget

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Monday, March 07, 2016)

Can’t afford the complete living room makeover you want? It’s possible to update your look while staying within budget by adding or replacing items that powerfully impact the room’s style and ambiance.Check out these ideas for improving your living room without a complete renovation:

Add A Wall Mirror

A great way to help a living room that feels tiny or dim, a wall mirror visually enlarges the room while adding modern flair and reflecting light. Cover a wall with one or more large mirrors or go with a tiled effect by using many small mirrors.

Keep Your Furniture But Replace Your Smaller Decor Items

While a complete new living room set is expensive, replacing only the secondary items may be affordable for you. Updating the following can go a long way toward bringing your living room into sync with 2016 trends.

   •    Window treatments
   •    Lamps and light fixtures
   •    Accent pillows

   •    Area rugs
   •    Prominent wall hangings




Modern trends tend toward a simple, minimalistic look, so it’s time for living room clutter to go. If you have more knick-knacks than surfaces on which to display them, consider adding glass shelves to unused wall space. Then divide your knick-knacks into four groups and rotate them, displaying a different group each season.


Use pops of color to transform a boring living room


Do a little research into the effects of various colors and choose a bold shade that you like. Incorporate this powerful color into your living room by way of small accents like a throw, a decorative pillow, a picture frame, a vase, etc.


Give cabinets a new look with glass inserts.


A dated living room cabinet will get a contemporary twist when you replace the door fronts with cabinet glass. Available in clear, frosted, patterned, and tinted styles, cabinet glass can enhance any style from modern to retro to classic.




This might be the single most effective way to give a living room a fresh look with minimal expenditure. Combine this with one or more of the other fixes listed here and you might be surprised at how different your living room looks and feels!


Add Light


Start by ensuring that your window treatments allow you to easily let in natural light if you so desire. You can also buy new table lamps; this means bringing in new décor items and brightening up the room at the same time.


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