Learn About Insulated Unit Choices and Other Replacement Glass Products for Your House in Dumfries

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Sunday, December 30, 2012)

When you need an insulated unit or another type of replacement glass for your residence in Dumfries, VA, pick up the phone and dial (703)257-7150 for the glass experts at ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. We’ve been helping area homeowners restore and add beauty in their homes for the past decade, and we can assist you in renewing the appearance of your doors and windows. For a no-cost home visit and estimate or to speak to one of our glass professionals, call us Monday – Friday, between 7am and 5pm.

Imagine how pristine new glass could make your home a brighter place this winter and call today! Let’s start by offering more details on the insulated unit, a replacement glass that is needed in many Dumfries homes. An insulated unit is a section of two-pane glass that is further distinguished by a space between the two pieces of glass. This space is airtight and it makes the unit a better insulator. You can choose an insulated unit that has argon gas in the space, a feature that makes it insulate even more effectively. The kind of glass we’re describing is commonly used in homes, so it’s very possible that your house has it.

However, our glass specialist will be happy to assist you if you have questions about the type of glass you need. In addition to the insulated unit, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. supplies other kinds of glass to Dumfries homeowners and businesspersons. Take a look at your entry doors, patio doors, sidelites, and window; do you see any fogged, chipped or cracked glass? We can assist you in choosing replacement glass that will match the current panes and fit your door or window. Some of the variations are –

  •    - Single pane

  •    - Tempered glass

  •    - Clear glass

  •    - Frosted glass

  •    - Patterned glass

  •    - Single strength (1/16”)

  •    - Double strength (1/8”)

  •    - 3/16”

  •    - 1/4"

To get more details on having a new insulated unit or other piece of replacement glass installed in your Dumfries home, call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. at your earliest convenience. You can talk to a member of our team at (703)257-7150 or visit the showroom – 8395 B Euclid Avenue in Manassas Park. With the help of our polite, experienced professionals you can make your home more attractive and more energy-efficient by scheduling the removal of damaged glass and installation of new pieces!    


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