Kitchen Flooring Ideas

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Kitchen Flooring

Choosing suitable kitchen flooring is a key aspect of a remodel. Just as the floor in a shower enclosure needs materials with certain attributes, a kitchen calls for flooring that merges durability with visual appeal and practical features that promote hygiene, safety, and convenience.

With all the possibilities today, it is not hard to come up with ideas, but narrowing them down to your one ideal choice might be challenging. Let’s take a look at flooring possibilities and evaluate their pros and cons for kitchen applications.



While it is appealing in areas such as bedrooms, carpet is not typically recommended for kitchen use. In a food prep space where spills are common and hygiene is important, most homeowners prefer hard flooring that is easy to clean and dry.



Consisting of a blend of linseed oil and powdered cork applied to canvas, linoleum is a functional and economical choice in kitchen flooring. It is available in tons of colors, patterns, and styles and can be made to resemble wood, stone, tile, etc. Finally, linoleum is somewhat forgiving when dishes are dropped and is a solid choice environmentally speaking. On the other hand, the linoleum itself can be damaged if a sharp or heavy object falls, and many feel that it does not have the high end look offered by tile or hardwood.

Tile Flooring



Tile is a popular choice for kitchens, and its aesthetic appeal is unquestioned. Tiles are available in assorted sizes, shapes, colors, textures, etc. and can be mixed and matched and configured in various ways. Tile is fairly easily to maintain, although grime can accumulate in grout lines if they are not cleaned regularly. Also, it is important to consider the fact that the extreme hardness of tile means that dropped glasses or dinnerware will violently shatter.



Wood floors offer timeless appeal and definitely allow you incorporate nature’s beauty into your home. They are offered in a range of natural and stained shades and can complement virtually any home décor. Modern wood flooring choices include traditional wood like oak and cherry as well as exciting possibilities such as –


    •  Cork – Comfortable to stand on and very sustainable, but needs to be well-sealed to avoid damage from spills.
    •  Ipe – Very hard and durable, but expensive.

    •  Teak – Insect repelling and also very durable, but expensive due to limited supply.


If the wood chosen is susceptible to moisture damage, a homeowner might want to use an alternative type of flooring near the sink. This could be tile, linoleum, or a dense wood such as ipe.

Glass Flooring



Glass is used throughout homes for everything from tabletops to windows to glass shelving. Today, however, glass is even being utilized to create transparent or semi-transparent floors that double as ceilings and yield a spacious and dramatic look. Choosing glass floors for your kitchen would undoubtedly make the space unforgettable, but know that this this not an economical option.




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