How to Choose Living Room Paint Colors

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Choosing the right color for your home can be difficult. Choosing the colors for your living room can be even more strenuous as this is where you present yourself. It's the room you hang as your trophy, apart from the kitchen of course.

There are many ways you can narrow down your options so as to structure the color and display of your living room without feeling overwhelmed. Here are a few ways to help you do so:


Don’t Limit Yourself

Almost any color will work in a living room – it just depends what you like and your vision for room.

A perusal of a House Beautiful piece on living room paint colors makes it apparent that everything’s on the table, from pastels to bright tones, from barely-there hints of color to walls that are nearly black.


Take Time to Research the Meanings & Effects

We’ve all had ideas that seemed great on paper and didn’t look so hot in reality. One way to minimize the risk of a living room paint job you regret is by reading up on the impact of different colors on human moods and emotions.


This can also help you clarify your goals for the space – should it be a calm, harmonious room or one that dazzles the eyes and energizes one’s outlook?


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Test the Colors You Like

When you think you have found the perfect paint color, don’t immediately buy enough to coat your walls. Instead, bring home the card and hold it up to your wall in various types of lighting or buy a small sample can and try actually painting part of the wall.


This is so crucial because the way paint looks on your walls can be vastly different from how it looks in the home improvement store.


Think Twice About Color Trends

Before you let yourself be guided by 2015 color trends, consider the following.


    •    Do I actually like this color, other than the fact that it’s in style?
    •    Is this a classic or neutral color that will still “work” once trends have changed?
    •    If it is not a classic or neutral color, will I mind re-painting or having a dated living room?


Once you’ve found that perfect shade for your living room walls, you can turn to ABC for finishing touches to the room. Call (703)257-7150 and ask about our wall mirrors, glass tabletops, glass shelving and more!



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