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window glassWhether you’re telecommuting, starting your own business, or taking a job that involves working at home, great ideas for home office design are a must.

You want a space that is convenient and user-friendly, but also a pleasant and aesthetically pleasing work environment. An approach to home office design should incorporate functionality, quality, and beauty.


The right set-up for your home office depends on the type of work you do and whether clients and co-workers visit your office. If they do, you’ll want to include extra seating as well as a coffee table or end table where they can set their keys, briefcase, cup of coffee, etc. In arranging your work-space, keep the following considerations in mind.

   •    Accessibility – Eliminate wasted time and energy. Store frequently used items close to your desk even if this means adding shelves. Also, use storage that is convenient and fits with your personality, whether this means a filing system behind closed doors or open bins and baskets.

   •    Comfort – If you’re going to be working in your office for hours on end, it’s vital to have a comfortable desk chair that offers back support and can be adjusted to the appropriate height for writing and/or typing.


   •    Lighting – Lighting sets the mood…and this applies to work environments, too. Excessively bright light can be irritating, while a dim room evokes a sleepy mood. Lighting is affected by both the number of bulbs/fixtures and the type of bulbs used, so you may need to experiment with different options to find your ideal brightness. Don’t undervalue natural light, and include a window in your home office if at all possible.


glass table tops



Every purchase does not have to be a splurge, but neither do you want to fill your home office with cheap or poorly designed items. Also, there are instances in which choosing a quality item enhances both the functionality and the beauty of the room. Glass whiteboards are a perfect example of this.


If, instead of a flimsy whiteboard that never quite erases, you use a piece of white back-painted glass that is custom cut and professionally installed, this necessary item becomes a décor element, too.



Even if you don’t have visiting clients or co-workers, a home office should be aesthetically pleasing for you. The right ambience can promote productivity and make your work day a more positive experience. Here are some ways to achieve this.


glass table


   •    Select appealing fixtures such as wood or glass shelves instead of unsightly metal or plastic alternatives.
   •    Incorporate natural building materials like stone and unpainted wood if possible.
   •    Add a cozy touch such as a gas or electric fireplace.
   •    Include tasteful wall hangings – a print by your favorite artist, a framed mirror, a photo of a special event.
   •    Use a combination of relaxing colors on large items and accent items in energizing tones.
   •    Make the office seem roomier by using a clear glass table top for your coffee table or work surface.


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