Home Decorating Trends to Avoid & Include for Fall 2015

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Redecorating your home this fall? Ilyce Glink offers advice from designers on what trends to avoid and what decorating ideas to embrace in 2015

- http://www.cbsnews.com/media/10-home-design-trends-to-ditch-in-2015/6/



When it comes to kitchen design, decorators have been incorporating a desk to serve as a bill paying station and place to hook up your telephone. However, designer John Petrie now recommends eschewing the kitchen desk since landlines have become increasingly rare and many tasks can be taken care of on the run via your mobile device. Instead of a desk, simply add more standard counter space with cupboards underneath.


Children’s Bedrooms

Although TV’s in kids’ rooms remain somewhat popular, designer Amy Yin prefers more interactive replacements like –


    •    Magnetic wallpaper
    •    Chalkboard walls
    •    Special play areas
    •    Bookcases


window glass 



Chevron patterns are everywhere, leading designer Kerrie Kelly to urge caution in allowing this trendy design to dominate a room or an entire house. It is important to keep in mind that a boldly patterned decorative pillow can be inexpensively replaced, while an item like chevron wallpaper is a long-term commitment. A better choice might be a solid color or classic pattern such as herringbone.


Bathing Area

In spite of their past popularity, master bath hot tubs may be on the decline. Glink cites designer John Petrie who suggests using the space and money for a large shower enclosure or a second vanity.


If you decide that a spacious shower is the best fit for your needs and wants, you can keep in mind that ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. offers custom glass showers specially designed to fit in your space and conform to your preferences in aesthetics and practical features.



The trend toward minimalism can be overdone when bare windows raise privacy issues or detract from the beauty of the room, designer Amy Yin points out. Simplistic shades or curtain panels dress-up the windows, allow you to create a more private space, and can be adjusted to let in plenty of natural light.


When the windows themselves are drafty, hard to open, or unattractive you can have vinyl replacement windows installed by ABC before you hang your new window treatments.


patio doors 


Shiny Furniture

Decorator Kerrie Kelly advises against over-using mirrored or metallic pieces of furniture. While suitable as accent pieces, she feels that they should usually be replaced by a tasteful blend of wooden and metal items.


Thankfully, ABC Glass carries products that allow you to incorporate mirror glass into your room while forgoing flashy furniture.


    •    Custom mirrors
    •    Wall mirrors
    •    Framed mirrors



A microwave installed above the stove can be safe and convenient, but is not always so. For one thing, persons of different heights will not necessarily all be able to reach the unit easily. A better option might be a special microwave drawer below your kitchen counter.



In spite of their appealing price tag, tile countertops have a key downfall – the nuisance of cleaning the grout. You may wish to consider a quartz slab instead as you upgrade your kitchen.


glass replacement 



A simple way to “redo” cabinets, a dresser, etc. is to change the knobs. Most fundamentally, it is important that the new knobs cover the “footprint” left by the old knobs. Furthermore, however, you may want to veer toward nickel, rather than brass, hardware finishes this year.


Faux versus Authentic

Currently, homeowners and prospective home buyers appreciate natural looks and authentic finishes. Faux paint finishes need to go, and your home should highlight “genuine” materials like glass, stone and wood. Where paint is used, consider sticking with a solid color.


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