HGTV Article Explores Home Decorating Mistakes & Solutions

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Thursday, September 10, 2015)

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25 home decorating mistakes and solutions are pictured and discussed in a fascinating gallery with HGTV.

If you are ordering a new shower door, having glass shelves put in, or purchasing a wall mirror, it’s likely that you are doing some additional redecorating, so let’s check out 5 of these mistakes and solutions to help you achieve home décor success.

The Toilet Rug

It may come as no surprise that the HGTV article gives a thumbs down to those rugs that fit around the base of a toilet. Stay far, far away from the toilet rug and simply place a normal rug in front of (not touching) the commode.

Picture Overload

The next mistake highlighted is displaying too many photos on walls and surfaces in your house. The recommended alternative is a gallery wall for your most cherished mementos and albums for the rest.

Uninspired Foyer

A plain foyer that makes no statement about who you are or the theme of your home is mistake according to the author. Rather, it is suggested that the foyer is the perfect space for a tasteful display of individuality, and the example photo presents daring pink patterned wallpaper adorned with a lovely framed mirror. Among the possibilities presented for foyer upgrades are –

  •  Color on the walls, whether via paint or wallpaper.
  •  A mirror, which has the added bonus of reflecting light.
  •  A painting.

Misplaced Theme

Another pitfall of home decorators is taking a great theme and then overloading on it. This can take the form of using the same bold floral pattern for every item in your master bedroom or of a faux pas like decorating a mountain home as if it was a beach house. Try instead to incorporate a favorite theme tastefully with accents such as a seashell collection displayed on one of your bookshelves.

Rugs Adrift

Floating rugs (think a medium area rug “floating” in the middle of a large living room) are another no-no because “they make the room look disproportional.” The fix is to select a large rug for a large living room and have the front legs of each chair or sofa on the rug.

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