Great Shower Options and Professional Installation in Fairfax Station, VA

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Saturday, December 29, 2012)

There are tons of shower options, from do-it-yourself to professional installation – what’s right for your Fairfax Station, VA home? There’s an easy way to study some of the possibilities for a professionally installed glass shower; simply call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. for a free home visit and consultation. A glazier from the ABC team will take a look at the shower area you are working on and discuss the options that would work with the room’s floor plan etc. Additionally, you’ll be left with a quote to consider. We hope you’ll dial (703)257-7150 to make your appointment – our office is open Monday through Friday from 7am to 5pm.

In picking out the shower components, it’s important to weed out options that aren’t feasible for your specific installation. Bathrooms in Fairfax Station range from compact to extremely roomy, and the dimensions of the space will have an impact on your shower choices. First, let’s consider small bathrooms. If the area is cramped, make sure that the shower door you like will be able to open conveniently and without striking another fixture. In a less spacious room, sliding doors are often more practical that swinging panels. However, it is interesting to note that we can often install a steam shower even if the bathroom is little, so it’s still possible to make the space more luxurious and relaxing!

There are even more shower options if the installation is taking place in a large bathroom. Many of our Fairfax Station clients who have bathrooms like this will find that there’s plenty of room for swinging doors or a huge glass enclosure. This means that your decisions will be mostly informed by personal taste and decorating goals, rather than by feasibility. Know that ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. specializes in custom enclosures, supplies many different glass and hardware choices, and is staffed by glaziers that can provide common-sense tips based on experience. As you ponder the various shower options for both design and installation, it may be helpful for Fairfax Station homeowners to know the basic steps involved for ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. clients.

  • The journey to a renewed shower starts by getting in touch with ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. – (703)257-7150 or 8395-B Euclid Avenue, Manassas Park, VA 20111.

  • Next, you gather information at your free in-home consultation.

  • If you choose ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. for your shower installation, one of our glass specialists will examine and measure the area under renovation.

  • We order the components for your glass shower and call you when they are delivered to our location.

  • A team of glaziers from ABC sets up the glass shower for you and your household to enjoy for years!

If one of the shower options that appeals to you is professional installation of your unit in your Fairfax Station residence, contact ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. for more information. The total glazing experience of our crews is over 150 years, so your project can benefit from our expertise!  


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